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William Royce
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All that you have is ahead of you, all that has gone is a lost opportunity.
Time is constant, but it means so much more to those who have less of it left.
If you are young, realise that time will run out sooner than you think,
if you are older take hold of those lost opportunities and recreate them.

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Where there is potential there is hope
Where there is hope there is freedom
Where there is freedom there is space
Where there is space there is inspiration
Where there is inspiration there is creation!

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A New Beginning

One day when all is gone
And peace just fills the air
The sun will shine and rain will fall
But no one will be there

The dust will blow rise up and lay
As specks of distant past
The silence of a world
So many thought would last

All is quiet calm and serene
Waiting for the birth
Of a new creation and beginning
Here on planet earth

Let Us

In all things let us be guided by our true beliefs not in the things others would have us believe

Let us use the vision we have to appreciate the dreams of others,

Let us not demand the impossible but strive for the limit of what is possible

Let us not move forward solely for our own sake but also for the benefit of others.

Let us use the example of those who exemplify our ideals so we may emulate their success

Let us never give in to our inner doubts that they may prevent us from moving forward,

We may dream now of the achievements of others, but it is in our hands to let others dream of what we have achieved.

Pieces of Peace


William Royce

Ambassador for Peace - Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

'Inspired to Inspire'

William Royce is a true visionary who has created thousands of amazing inspirational and motivational messages over twenty years, based on an original four part vision. He saw how the only realistic way to achieve Global Peace was through the spread of thought provoking inspirational humanitarian messages. His messages have been widely acknowledged by Royalty, World leaders, prominent individuals and organisations, along with concepts he has put forward for the Millennium Dome, Mayor of London and 2012 Olympics.

In such a complicated world William’s vision was one of simplicity, taking everything back to the basic concept that by feeding peoples of all nationalities and backgrounds with logical messages of peace and understanding, mindsets could gradually be changed on a global basis.

‘The world we live in is not the one we want, millions born into fear and deprivation, the political rhetoric of generations resulting in an ever worsening situation, the protectors of many also seen as the aggressors by others. As long as there is violence in mind there will be a need for counteractive violence, and so a never ending cycle of warfare prevails. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of having made life easier for those who follow, ambivalence is our greatest enemy.’

© 2021 William Royce

William’s gift of looking at difficult issues, breaking them down to basics, and then applying logic in an inspirational manner, is something he earnestly believes should not be wasted. To take the most important issue we face and use such a simple approach might seem naive, but then when all else has failed there is nothing left but to think outside the box. A concept which is neither political, or religious, and seeks only to create better understanding can logically do nothing but good, the tide may be slow to turn, but the positive waves will undoubtedly be felt.

World Peace

For the past twenty years I have been writing thought provoking inspirational messages, my work has been acknowledged by many high profile people and organisations particularly in respect of my peace messages. Since my original vision which led to the creation of a large portfolio, the world has become even more fragmented, violent, and confused. There is hardly a corner left where one can feel totally safe either from political, religious, or individual violence, our global society is running amok despite ever more curbs on their freedoms.

Due to the incredibly complex problems encountered when trying to obtain a status quo in today’s world when a number of factions are involved and sometimes not even recognised, it becomes virtually impossible to obtain any lasting peace even when some arrangement is arrived at. The vision that came to me those years ago was clear, it showed me that the only way to create a peaceful world out of so much discontent was to provide an ongoing stream of thought provoking and inspirational messages that were not political or religious in any way, so could be viewed solely from a logical and moral standpoint.

It is clear to me that only this approach which has not been tried can work, every other way has failed and the situation can only get worse as violence begets more violence. There comes a time with any unsolvable problem where one has to stand back and think outside of the box, never has there been a time or a problem so in need of a solution. I implore you to read the attached document and consider its implications and the impact such a programme could have. There are many reasons for the continuation of wars not the least of which is the huge industry that feeds it, but we must come to our senses soon and realise that these industries that supply the need could be just as profitable making innovative but useful components for the benefit not destruction of our people and our environment.

Nothing is impossible if it is seen as possible, anything not tried remains potential, anything so simple and logical that is not tried when it involves nothing less than the saving of our world as we know it is a travesty. Let us open our minds to the possibility that we have an answer, but its simplicity has prevented us from seeing it!

‘All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary, we have only to arrange them in the right order’

© 2021 William Royce


My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naive
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

'This is no dream'

© 2021 William Royce



HM Queen Elizabeth
HRH Prince of Wales
HRH The Princess Royal
HRH Prince William
HRH Prince Harry
Princess Diana
Sarah Duchess of York
President George Bush
President Bill Clinton
David Cameron P.M
Theresa May P.M.
Tony Blair P.M.
Gordon Brown P.M.
Rt.Hon. William Hague
Rt.Hon. Michael Howard
Rt .Hon. Charles Kennedy
Baroness Thatcher
Lord Archer
Dame Barbara Cartland
Sir Richard Branson
Lord Coe Mohammed Al Fayed
Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Spike Milligan
Esther Rantzen
Gloria Hunniford
Jim Davidson O.B.E.
Nelson Mandela Foundation
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
United Nations Association
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
British Red Cross
Imperial War Museum
Save The Children
Children in Need
Children with Leukaemia
Children in Crisis

A Logical Approach to Peace

If we stopped for a moment and took our minds away from the pressing problem of how to survive in our own worlds, we would rapidly be confronted with some serious truths. The first would be that whilst we have been focused on building a future for ourselves and our families, that future has become more and more uncertain, in fact while we concern ourselves with our jobs, pensions, property, and the like, the reality of us returning to the dark ages looms ever closer.

If we asked ourselves why we are faced with this problem in an age of smart thinking and technological brilliance, we could only come up with the fact that after tens of thousands of years of evolution whilst mankind has sought to better itself it has always done so by seeking more than it needs, and taking as much as it can from others in order to satisfy its inherent greed.

Gradually over the ages large territories were established into which greater populations prospered, but the need for expansion saw borders changing through wars motivated by politics, religion or both. There has never been a time of World Peace, just times in which certain areas and peoples enjoyed the calm that enabled them to live in unison with their surroundings, and feel the joy of being alive.

Successive generations have followed the model of attempting to suppress violence without dealing with the causes in a logical way, that is not imparting the will of a minority on the wishes of the majority. All too often we see the breakdown of peace agreements made between a few high level individuals that force whole populations into an unsteady arrangement destined for failure. Logically one can only obtain lasting peace by creating the same mindset in both sides, and for that to happen a radically different approach is needed than those applied to date.

Unless at long last collectively we are prepared to increase our understanding of others and look to find the common denominator that could enable us to live peacefully together, then quite obviously we face oblivion as the buttons are closer to being pushed than at any time before by a multitude of factions hell bent on destroying and protecting. The end result would be that no one gets what they are seeking and all are the losers, this makes all the aggression futile.

If as we must, step away from what seem to be the obvious solutions and can consider what is logical, we will find that violence will always be there escalating until we all can come to the same conclusion, how we have the chance to make this happen was shown to me in the most amazing vision nearly twenty years ago, and became the catalyst for the thousands of inspirational messages I have created since then and the acknowledgements received.

Bluntly put we are destroying our environment almost as fast as we are destroying our friendships, it is just a question of what gets us first. We either irradiate the planet, get a global pandemic, run out of food and water, or have a huge natural disaster, if we could deal with the things we can do something about, then we will have more resources to cope with that beyond our control.

It all comes down to one word LOGIC

Which in this case to me means Linking One Goal Is Crucial

Only when we are able to unite in the common goal of saving the planet as a whole will we be able to see the futility that is war, and in my vision this would be achieved through the global dissemination of thought provoking inspirational messages of peace.

The world owes me nothing except the chance to live – I owe the world nothing except the chance to survive.

© 2021 William Royce

A Global Mindset

It is just a moment in time relatively speaking, since our world still retained the balance of nature enjoyed by our ancestors. Through some inbuilt need to dominate one another we have progressively scarred our planet until today it can take no more and shows us the signs of its displeasure. Everything in life has its breaking point; there is a point to which one can go and sometimes retract from before irreversible damage is done or catastrophe occurs, and we are obviously at that marker.

Our own health ultimately relies on the health of our environment, the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. To sustain a quality environment in a world with now so many individuals requires a similar global mindset, in short it needs a common goal, which by force of numbers and diversity of location can literally pull us back from the brink.

Through our natural competitiveness and increasing numbers we have reached a stage where control has been lost by the introduction of so many regulations instigated to have the opposite effect. As different governments come and go we are left with the fallout of whatever policies were deemed politically advantageous. It is like some huge game where the participants have a certain time in which to make positive changes but can cause havoc and then hand over to new players without suffering any loss themselves, the loser is the game itself, in this case our world. New players hope to rectify things but steadily add to the overall demise. Each new set of players have less time left to find the solution, and due to their own competitive spirit tend to add more complications.

In today’s world each successive generation carries a much bigger mental burden than the previous one. On the surface we have more luxuries to help us think we are improving our life, and gadgets to help us keep up with the pace, but as we retire to our safe and comfortable havens to shut out the immediate world around us, we are still unable to leave the wider world behind. It creeps up on us day by day through the media reminding us that in reality we are just sitting ducks, and the four walls that surround us have no practical value against the wrath of the planet or major terrorist activity.

We are dreaming our way into a better world because we cannot face the reality, we cannot imagine having everything taken from us in some cataclysm that destroyed life as we know it. When our ancestors first walked on this planet they had a pollution free environment, abundant wildlife, and a future to look forward to. In contrast we could have total pollution, no wildlife, and only a past to reflect on, to have had the foresight to come so far yet be so blind to the consequences of our actions would seem crazy in the extreme. What is the answer ?

Can anyone deem to know how in their short life they can offer the answer to a problem that has been building for centuries? If we cannot see into the future, then the answer must lie in the past, for it is from there that the problem has emanated. As we now live in a world far more complex than the past, our first thoughts should be on how to simplify our situation so it could become manageable. Combining our strengths and facing up to our collective perils is the way to go, taking the word impossible out of use, and focusing on the fact that everything is possible if we can all focus on true aims.

As we start a New Year can we afford to dream any longer, can we afford to shut out the real world in favour of the world at our doorstep, can we look our children in the eye and say that we are doing everything we can to ensure their future? And can we start to realise that no individual is the same, that in our own way we all want to experience fulfilment and freedom of choice, but that we should be able to have this experience naturally without the undue direction that takes away our individual identity.

We should not be so focused on seeking to improve the things that have no real value to our environment. If we can add spirit to technology to make it work for us in a way that will help everyone’s future and not widen the divide between rich and poor countries, and if we can open our minds along with our eyes to become more tolerant and understanding, then we will truly have a reason to say - Happy New Year!

‘Our fate need not be left in other’s hands if we play a greater role in our own destiny’

© 2021 William Royce

A Question of Priorities

When one considers the fragile state of our world today it seems to me that our sense of priorities are wrong, we are in danger of letting the issues that are closest to us cloud our vision on what is over the horizon – what we don’t see we don’t feel.

If we can stop for a moment to examine the past, and look at how even recent peace attempts are continually thwarted, it is obvious that a new and radically different approach is needed. If I am wrong in the way I am thinking, then I see no hope for mankind, because all the computers in the world cannot solve this one. If we continue to think that a relatively small group of individuals in whatever position can be left to decide the fate of billions, when they themselves can never find enough common ground, then we are indeed fated.

Yes we must have those elected to do their job of coordinating the wishes of the greater part of the population, but not to decide to antagonise against the wishes of that part. I believe that we simply do not understand that the greater part of all populations want peace whatever their nationality. That means that we have to find the best way for each of these sectors to reach each other and confer their message, which would undoubtedly be one of general goodwill to other nations. What we are suffering from is the inability to hear these messages from the ordinary inhabitants of countries around the globe.

With the backing of governments and major industry, individuals speaking for the masses and from the heart could purvey their messages in many different ways, speaking of the wish to pass on the overall feelings of their countries people to other nations. The knock on effect of seeing and hearing these goodwill messages passing between different nationalities and religions would be to create a calming of tensions and a greater understanding of the reality of war, and that is that only a minority are in favour.

Whilst we try to stop war with minorities talking to each other, in my view we will never solve the problem. Peace is never going to come to us, we have to go out and search for it, and we need to want it enough to do the searching. If other nations reach out in their search we will find each other in the mutual quest, and if we replace some of the politics with passion and enter hearts with our hearts instead of our weapons, then we may see the word PEACE stand for -

Passion Ending All Conflicts Evermore

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we must not let the intangible affect the tangible by letting some suffer in this world for beliefs others hold about their next. Let us realise that for the time being at least we are all living in the same world and should respect each other, we may have our own destiny mapped out but let us give others the chance to realise theirs.

This is my oath as I am born
To strive for peace or be forlorn
To leave this world proud of my name
And a better place than when I came

© 2021 William Royce

William Royce - Profile of a true Visionary

Applying the word visionary to someone conjures up a sense that they can somehow see the future, as such it tends to be used too often when there is little evidence of real vision, however in the case of William Royce the word could not be more appropriate. The incredible insight shown in the creation of thousands of thought provoking, heartfelt, and logical messages, spanning a twenty year period from the time of a life changing experience, is testament to his amazing ability to soul search at the deepest level.

William’s acknowledgements span Royalty, World Leaders, Ministers, Celebrities, Major Organisations and Charities, he has projected concepts for the Millennium Dome, Mayor of London, 2012 Olympics, Invictus Games, and many other situations where inspiration would play a major role. He has written special pieces for numerous high profile events, his words always being gratefully received.

His underlying passion is the creation of thought provoking inspirational messages on the theme of peace, his vision always to make a positive difference and leave a legacy to be proud of. The world requires his thought provoking words more than ever before, hopefully it will get the chance sooner rather than later!

Read more about William at

William also offers a commercial service to companies wishing to create a special message or slogan

If we have the vision and imagination to dream, we need only the inspiration and determination to succeed.

© 2021 William Royce


Reality is cast aside
And in its place are dreams
Where everything I want to be
I am or so it seems

Where everything I want to have
Before closed eyes is placed
And aspirations that I’ve held
Need not be further chased

And there will come a day
When all these things come true
Where with my eyes wide open
All my dreams will be on view

My Dream (World Peace)

My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

'This is no dream'

I Am

I am the earth I am the sea
I am the sun that shines on me
I am the day I am the night
I am the stars that shine so bright

I am the love I feel inside
I am the pain I cannot hide
I am the vision that I see
I am the things I want to be

I am the hope I am the goal
I am the spirit and the soul
I am the person I could be
But most of all I am me.


Keeping stress under control is all about balance, once the scales are tipped we may feel unable to cope. Creativity is one of the best forms of stress management, as excitement balances depression and inspiration replaces despair. Every problem has an answer, but solutions rarely knock on our door. We must ask the questions and seek out the answers, taking control of ourselves is infinitely better than allowing others to take control of us. No one knows you better than yourself, honesty will offer promise, and determination will be rewarded. Thoughts if written down will be a revelation, if we can focus on our problems, we will have sight of the solution.

Book of Life

We are not far from many of our dreams, but we hold them at the outer limit of our imagination. We are sometimes unwilling to accept that we could in fact have what we hold to be intangible. What we desire, and what we think we are capable of is the gap we must close. If we can define our dream clearly, then we can create the focus needed to summon the determination to achieve it. It is a matter of choice. Whether we choose to stay where we are, whether we feel we have achieved enough, or whether we still yearn to move on to a new chapter in the book, which will eventually tell the story of our life. It is for us only to decide when we will mark our book with the words ‘The End’, until that time we can always write another chapter, tell another story and live another dream.


We can seem to have everything and yet it mean nothing, or seem to have nothing and yet it mean everything. For in allowing others to define what we need we can lose sight of our true objectives. No one has nothing, everyone possesses something, and if they can raise that something it can become everything.


It is easier for a poor person to imagine wealth than for a wealthy person to imagine poverty, for the poor person has his eyes open through necessity, whilst the wealthy person may have his eyes closed through satisfaction.


We are empowered by vision and driven by determination.

Beyond our Limits

Everything that happens close to us, colours the picture of our lives. We can mentally absorb it, as we do not have to stretch our imagination, it is the comfort zone, the place where we feel we can cope. Our comfort zone may provide everything we need, but it is easy to languish within it oblivious to what lies outside. The exploration of what lies beyond the limits we have set ourselves, will be rewarded by the satisfaction of knowing we did not settle for the minimum life wanted to give us, but strove for the maximum we could achieve.

Collective Thought

If we have the vision and imagination to dream,
we need only the inspiration and determination to succeed.

Our Goal

Clear these idle thoughts and look beyond
For there lies the object of our desire
Shifting like a mirage in the sand
It waits shimmering without form this restless goal

Sliding back and forth,
Teasing, tempting, offering, taking away
It knows our strength and keeps to the boundary

Focus is its only enemy,
For if defined and captured as a lasting image
It will offer itself up as the ultimate prize
Rewarding not only the challenge but also the spirit.

Time for Ambition

We should not wait for time to elapse, and with it the chance to fulfil our ambition. We can slow the clock that governs our lifetime by speeding up the actions needed to realise our goals. The sooner we create our dream, the longer we will have to live it.

The Right Direction

It is within our capability to discover the person we could be, rather than settling for the person we are. It is easier to adapt to changes going on around us than to make the changes, but then we allow outside forces to direct our lives, rather than setting up the forces that will drive us in the direction we want to go. If we change from being an unconscious receiver to being a conscious transmitter, then the direction of our lives will be governed by our own thought process, and we will move onward toward our goal.

Building our Dream

If the building of a dream is based upon the foundation of reality, then its success will depend on nothing more than determination.

Hard Facts

At the end of the day
When I’m all alone
I rest my weary head,
Upon a pillow, filled with dreams
That lies upon my bed

Hard facts that I must face
Seem now to haunt my mind,
The more I try to sleep
The more hard facts I find

Afraid to reach tomorrow
I’m reminded of today,
No solution to my problems
So in my mind they stay

But even in this weary state
I know there is salvation,
It lies within a clearer mind
This chance of new creation

Knowing Yourself

There is no knowledge more valuable than knowing oneself.

The Life of Time

In the space of just a second
A moment came and went,
And sixty seconds later
There’s a minute that’s been spent

Minutes pass without a thought
There are so many to devour,
But soon the clock is striking
And I’ve lost another hour

Still such is life, it comes and goes
Sometimes without a care,
But never let it pass you by
Without knowing you were there

For whilst we know we’re here today
We could be gone tomorrow,
And then it will be just too late
The wasted time to borrow


Such is life that we can let it fly by without ever catching its wings, without letting it carry us to our true destiny. We are afraid to ride the wind to an uncertain destination, opting instead for normality and a safe haven, where we hear the wind but shut it out.

Out there is the freedom we crave, an unknown world where perhaps we could find ourselves, and the spirit that lurks within. One day something may change in your life that will empower you to reach out and grasp your birthright. Your whole being will surge with the energy that comes from the vision of your potential, and you will never again be content with normality.

Words of Peace

All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary; We have only to arrange them in the right order.

Seeds of Peace

Everyone together, peace for all mankind The start of a new era
Where bright eyes lead the blind The earth returns its bounty
For everyone to see
And the seed of peace will grow From just an acorn to a tree.

Dialogue of Peace

Some fights must end in such a way no victor will be sought
Then from ensuing dialogue a lasting peace is brought
Those who have been born into uncertainty and fear
Will cherish every hour as if it were a year
Others who have taken sides believing they were right
Will recognise the hope in ending such a fight
And all who’ve held a dream that peace would come their way
Will stand together friend or foe in friendship from this day


The power of faith may be intangible, but the effect of such belief is indestructible

Peaceful Days

I wish that all the world was mine
I held it in my hand
Then it would be just up to me
To bring peace to this land
And then there’d be no question
There’d be nothing left to fear
As peaceful days brought peaceful months
And then a peaceful year

In Recognition Of Peace

Peace marks the spot where I will stand
With open arms and outstretched hand
To welcome those who for peace have fought
But have seen their dream yet come to nought
This word that has a gentle ring
Must be the one that we all sing
Must be the dream that cannot cease
The dream of everlasting peace

Time Heals

In the heat of the moment we may make a new enemy, but in the passing of time we may make a new friend.

The Peacemaker

Take this hand of freedom
A hand that is there by choice
Hold this hand of friendship
And listen to my voice

Let me be the peacemaker
Let the light of peace shine through
Let us rid this world of anger
And let us start anew

Take this hand of freedom
See the offer that it makes
Hold on until we see it through
However much it takes

And when we reach our goal
And the sound of war is gone
Let us not take pen to paper
But carve this peace in stone.

Sword Of Freedom

We will blunt the sword of freedom
And sharpen up our tongues
And let any wounds inflicted Be only from our lungs
For words can penetrate the mind
And keep alive our heart
But weapons are designed to maim
And keep us all apart

Peace Prevails

Let us not be defeated by the thought of Peace

Thoughts of Peace

Those who seek will one day find
That violence can be left behind
The anger that was sure to last
Will somehow seem to form the past

Where images of hurt and pain
Are locked away and will remain
To never reappear in mind
Replaced by thoughts of a peaceful kind

Eastern Light

In a far off place the sun beats down
But no one sees the light
For in this holy land
Day may as well be night

Religion casts its shadow
Instead of helping those in pain
And those who seek an answer
Find their efforts are in vain

There is one truth in everything
That everyone should feel
It is the sense of right or wrong
That no one else should steal

And if we will not see this light Because of our distrust
Then commandments that were cast in stone
Will slowly turn to dust.

Trust for Peace

Mutual trust is the starting point for peace, the hand of friendship must offer more than determination, it must seal the mind from where all thoughts of war emerge.


Take care to heed your fellow man
And not take from him all you can
For in the end he will recover
All you took with greed and power

World Peace

Upon the wind there came a voice
And the sound of peace was heard
And as it passed by more and more
The louder came the word

The time was now at hand
When we would hear this call
An echo from each nation
Peace for one and all

Recognition of our failure
To learn lessons we'd been taught
Understanding now the message
Histories pain and grief had brought

And so there turned a tide
Where each person was at one
Had world peace we thought a distant dream
Really just begun?

One World

One world is all I dream of
One world where all are free
To shake the hand of everyone
Whatever faith they be

One world in which the powerful
Help the poor who cannot speak
One world in which the strong
Will feel a passion for the weak

One world the like we’ve never seen
Where no one is at war
One world that gives us back the thing
That we all came here for.


It is easy to feel pity but much harder to absorb pain.
Share the burden and you will share the relief

Value of Life

We value so much that is worthless whilst discarding that which is priceless. Every life has a potential, the abundance of life has lessened our perception of its value. In reappraising our worth to each other we will find the value of humanity and life itself.

One Day

One day of sun one day of rain
One day of joy one day of pain
One day of hope one day of sorrow
One day to go until tomorrow

One day to think why I am here
One day to calm another fear
One day to give and not to borrow
One day to make a change tomorrow

True Love

True love is the only emotion which allows us to see the world as the wondrous place it is, where things normally taken for granted are seen in a different light, where simple things become things of beauty and life has another purpose.

There is a thirst which cannot be quenched, a hunger that cannot be satisfied, as true love is constant and it lives at the peak of desire. And for those lucky enough to find this sacred state of heaven on earth there will be eternal peace, and they will radiate a presence of which others may only dream.

My Child

I am as close to God as I will ever be when you are near.
You are the inspiration for my soul, the embodiment of my life,
you are the dream I've never dreamt and the life I've never lived.

Your tears are my waterfall, for I am hurt more by your pain
than I could ever be by my own, but your laughter is my heaven
for here on earth I could find no greater joy.

My Dad

So special is my dad to me That only he my dad could be
For though I know there are others too
Who think they have dads just like you
Somehow life could never be
As it is with you and me.
So dad I want you now to know
In case I find it hard to show
That special bond you've shown to me
I'll carry through eternity.

My Daughter

I thought I'd had all I deserved
When first I saw your face
But now I know what more you've done
My life to further grace

As a flower grows and takes its place
With all of those around
You have shown your beauty
To all others you have found

Enough for me to say there is
No fairer girl I'll see
And I will always thank the Lord
He gave this girl to me.

My Son

My son what more could you expect
Than just my love for you
If there was more that I could give
Then I would give that too

I'll try my best to let you have
The secrets I have found
So listen well as time may fly
And I am called to ground

You'll live forever with me
Through the good times and the bad
And I'll be blessed you are my son
And proud to be your Dad


You are my eternal shining light, the brightness behind a cloudy day, the key to unlock a world of dreams where a vision of heaven can be captured here on earth. You are the pinnacle of my desire and the inspiration for my soul, for no other could replace you, and it is more certain than anything in this world that my love will last always and forever.

Autumn Heart

The wind howls and bellows, knocking autumn leaves to ground
Swirling, dancing like a midnight ball they create the only sound.
Through my window I am watching raindrops run like forlorn tears,
As far from this lonely room, I fear my love falls on deaf ears.

Running with the wind, crying with the rain
My pounding heart is racing, just to see you once again.
And as it fights and beats a path to knock upon your door,
Exchange my heart for your heart dear, or my heart is no more.

Elements of Love

Love is everything
The earth the sea the sky,
It is the sun that shines on us
The clouds that pass us by

It is the very heart of us
The spirit and the soul,
It is the thing dividing us -
Or that which makes us whole

Eternal Love

If I could be with you every moment of every day of my life
It would still not be enough,
For the love that I have to give you
Would need a thousand lifetimes,
And the happiness we would share would be eternal.


Rest your head upon my heart
There rests a heart for two,
For this heart could withstand all else
If it had your heart too

The rhythm that it beats out
Every second every day,
Would be loud enough for all to hear
If once I heard you say-

I Love You

Heaven Scent

Your lingering scent is all I have
But that fades day by day,
Just as a rose your petals drop
And slowly fade away

And so I wait to see you
Flower into life once more,
So that sweet bud that shares my heart
Again I can adore

Heaven's Door

You look like a picture and smell like a rose
Your touch is like heaven, your words are like prose,
Your mind is all knowing but your heart holds the key,
Will it one day unlock heavens door just for me?

My Treasure

You are like a treasure that was found
And lost and found again,
That had no value - but a spirit that once touched
Could not be forgotten,
That if lost again would mean a lifelong search
And if not found
Would leave a meaningless existence.

Whatever path this treasure takes
It will always have one true collector,
No matter the value others see
For him the treasure is priceless,
- and that collector is me


Reality is pushed aside
And in its place are dreams,
Where everything I want to be
I am or so it seems

Where everything I want to have
Before closed eyes is placed,
And aspirations that I’ve held
Need not be further chased

And there will come a day
When all these things come true,
Where with my eyes wide open
All my dreams will be on view

Gilded Sanctuary

Let us walk together through fields of gold
Where nature sets us free
To find out who we really are
In her gilded sanctuary

Amidst the floating restless crop
That sways with every breeze
There is the sound of silence
Captured only by the trees

And there I lay you down my love
To gaze into your eyes
Reflecting like the calmest pond
The ever changing skies

I hold your hand, caress your cheek
And stroke your tousled hair
And thank God for the moment
That defines the life we share

For here away from constant gaze
We truly can be free
To listen to the truth from you
And here it back from me

If words could tell a story
Half as much as just one look
Then what I see in your eyes
Could be covered in a book

Images of Love

Images of love that play before my eyes
Are like the miracle of heaven, a wonder in disguise,
Devoid of touch but not of soul
They take my parts and make them whole

My passion stirs to catch a heart
That then will catch my mind,
And play before me scenes of love
That only I could find.

Roads to Love

Love has two directions, pain and ecstasy - and both roads may be travelled at the same time.

One Breath

We live a lifetime in the shadow of death, constantly imagining the future whilst recollecting the past, trying to dream our way to a perfect existence in the face of reality. The reality being that we are only ever one breath away from perhaps reaching our heaven, though it be in another world.

We are fighting every moment either consciously or unconsciously to keep our dream and ourselves alive. The better health we are in the less conscious we will be of our frailty, but the more conscious we will be of attaining our dream. Realising the importance of every breath should give us a purpose to create and an urgency to succeed, it should destroy negativity and allow only positive thought.

If we realised that we have no time to create war, only time to create peace, no time to make enemies only time to make friends, then each breath would not be wasted and each life would be fulfilled. With each breath we sustain our own life, but we have the power also to breathe life into others through our thoughts and words. As we breathe the same air we must speak the same words, as we live in the same world we must protect that world.

Legacy of Peace

The world we live in is not the one we want, millions born into fear and deprivation, the political rhetoric of generations resulting in an ever worsening situation, the protectors of many also seen as the aggressors by others. As long as there is violence in mind there will be a need for counteractive violence, and so a never ending cycle of warfare prevails. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of having made life easier for those who follow, ambivalence is our greatest enemy.

A Stroke of Luck

When you have stared at the gates of hell
And listened to the sound of silence,
When you have given your life to someone else
To make you live or die

When you have seen your loved ones
With only tears in their eyes,
Listening and watching, scared and bewildered
All focused on your strength and determination

When through the haze you have seen those special people
The ones who have always been there,
Those able to forgive and forget so much because you are you
Those who are the reason you fight

When you have seen all this and survived
There is something you carry beyond love,
The inner spirit that rises and says
'I am still here – I will not leave you again!'

Eyes of a Child

Look at the eyes of a child and you will see clarity, these are eyes as yet unblemished by the truth behind the facade, they view this world at face value expecting to receive kindness in return. These are eyes that could view many things with fear but not malice, for they are not yet conditioned. These are eyes that look to the future with hope and excitement, they do not consider the past, as it is short and unmemorable, everything they want is yet to come.

We on the other hand have had, and seen many things of which we want more, but our eyes are discoloured, they are cynical and no longer view things at face value, looking instead to find the worst instead of the best in people. We may no longer possess the clarity, but what we have seen has developed our minds, what a wonderful world we could live in if we saw it through the eyes of our children.

Suffer the Children

I am a child of the world born in innocence but burdened with the legacy of those who feel no pain and share no guilt, those who have every chance of enjoying tomorrow, as their fate is not a foregone conclusion. Will those who demand so much for their lives spare a thought for we who demand so little. Real suffering may only be envisaged by those who have suffered but it is not necessary to suffer to feel vindicated, only to help the suffering.

Restless Child

Born with nothing, going nowhere
A child who lives in vain
Nothing to look forward to
A life that's filled with pain

Listening for the voices
That may speak so far away
Hoping that they will be heard
So I can start another day

One that holds more promise
And brings a reason to exist
One that leaves the past behind
And allows the future to persist

A Great Friend

It is only when we lose a great friend that we realise that life takes away more than it has given. We were blessed with what was, but not what might have been, we have had the pleasure and the experience, and we want it to go on. The cruel reality is that the more we have enjoyed someone’s company, the more we are going to miss it. This is then the legacy of a true friendship, the bond that could not be broken until it was broken by life itself. Those of us who remain in this world with all of its uncertainty, can be certain of one thing, and that is that our great friend is now in peace, the fight is over for him to remain with us, replaced by a wish to be remembered by us.

It is with the passing of someone close, that our thoughts turn to our own mortality, and how we may positively affect others close to us in our remaining years. We are unable to believe that our life here on earth has no purpose other than to just be here, as we reflect on how our friend’s life made a difference to so many, both family and acquaintances, and how in various ways his life will have changed theirs.

So we are left with the memory, but hopefully much more than that, for in living his life our friend enriched ours, and that is the greatest gift a friend can give. It is perhaps ironic that in a world of billions, one life can still be seen as being so special, and it is the mark of the man who can make his presence felt to such a degree within this multitude, we must therefore look not only at the loss, but the gain we have made in having known such a character.

Let my Spirit Flow

If one day I have to die
Then let my spirit flow
For here is where I want to be
Amongst the souls I know

And all who feel my presence
Will think how can this be
As I remember them
And they remember me.


The other side of heaven
Is a place I’d like to see
What lies behind the best there is
Is it just infinity?

Here somehow in our small world
We search for truth in vain
As nothing can prepare us
For a life we’ll live again

The clouds may pass, the sun may shine
It’s just another day
But out there somewhere hiding
Is the one to whom we pray.

Beneath Our Feet

Are we living for the present
Lifting spirits high
Or are we thinking of the future
When the present has gone by?

Are we caring for the world
Or letting it take care of us
Are we scared to feel the negative
Or just reaching for the plus?

Are we leaving everything too late
Because we feel no pain
Do we think we’ve past the turning point
And all would be in vain?

Are we really only here
To take what we can get
Or did we miss the point
And simply just forget?

That we’ve been lent the ground
On which our feet do tread
And there are those who wish to live
Long after we are dead.


It is a shame that we have the energy to search for life on another planet, but not the will to preserve it on our own.

I Am the World

I am the world
I am dying can you feel me?
My fever breaks the ground
It moves the earth and shakes the sea

I am the world
I am crying out in pain
My breath is like a whirlwind
My tears descend as acid rain

I am the world
I am exhausted from my fight
To conserve the gift of nature
That was only mine by right

I am the world
I am on a life support
Only you can help me now
Your sense my last resort

I am the world
My pulse is fading fast
Revive me whilst we still have time
Or my next breath will be our last

Depletion of Nature

There should be so many more tomorrows
When we’ve reached the end of today
And there could be very many less sorrows
If we really wanted it that way

Whilst we watch and wait for and answer
Taking care of our personal domain
Our future is left to chance
As the world has to take the strain

Nature has shown us its beauty
The land the sea and the sky
But now it demands an answer
To what we have done and why

Is it really for such a good reason
That we deplete our forests and seas
Are we deaf to the cries from the ocean
Can’t we see the wood from the trees?

Lost World

The world belongs to no one
Least of all to me
And yet I have the vision
Of the world I want to see

The paradise that once was earth
That we allowed to fail
Is so removed from our life now
It’s become our holy grail

One step forward or one step back
The decision we must take
If we are still to dream
There are more than dreams at stake

The Search for Freedom

If I am free I own the world, if not, the world owns me. Freedom is having the physical and mental space to allow the body and mind to remove the pressure that so often contains us. The search for freedom involves understanding who we are, and where we want to be. Dreams are fantasies that may take us for a moment to the place we subconsciously want to go, but vision and determination can take us to the pinnacle of our desires and leave us there. A moment in a false paradise, or a lifetime in a real one, that is something that we have the power to determine.

Our view of freedom tends to be based on how much we think we have in comparison to others, but we should base it on our own needs, when we find out what we need we can begin the search, and plan the steps required to be at one with ourselves. We may have all the freedom in the world without moving far from our familiar surroundings, because this is all we desire, or we may travel the world and see so much that nothing is enough, it is all relative. What matters most is that we do not settle for less than we expected from our life, it is something we owe ourselves, and therefore something we must not wait for others to obtain for us.

Like stepping stones across a river, we know how many steps we have taken, and how many more we must take to reach our goal, each carefully planned step will take us to where we want to go. Freedom is rarely something we do not have today, and then have tomorrow, it comes with thought, vision, and determination, and an understanding of ourselves, it may be one thing for one person and something else for another, but either way it is our right, and it is right that we should look for it!


Life is never easy
It was never meant to be
The challenge is for freedom
The dream is to be free

Before the life we have been given
Is taken in the end
We must make sure it was worth it
And we spent the freedom we could spend

Light of the World

The light of the world may be dimmed by those who seek by their actions to prevent peace and harmony, but their goals can never be accomplished, as the true power lies within all those who see the light through faith and determination.

No cloud will overshadow those who seek a better world, those with the vision to create and not destroy, those with the imagination to dream and turn that dream into reality.

No matter how few start the journey they will become many, their logic will be contagious and their goal inspiring, and their reward will be the satisfaction of helping others toward the freedom that allows us to enjoy the bounty that is our world.

True Vision

There are moments we may capture that have so much significance they will alter the course of our lives. These are the times our instincts tell us we have to act no matter the consequences, they are the moments that create a vision. Unlike a dream which may show us where we want to be, a vision shows us where we will be, its power is in the fact we can see it constantly.

Those who have a true vision know they can never relinquish it, once seen it is never forgotten, and the goal has to be accomplished however difficult the journey. We may take a lifetime to see our vision materialise, but that lifetime will have been filled with purpose, focus, and determination, and it will doubtless leave a lasting legacy of inspiration to others.

Another Life

I lay the world before me
It stretches out for miles,
Close to where I stand are tears
But in the distance I see smiles

Just by a twist of fate
I have lived life on the line,
It could have been so different
If your life - had been mine.


There is a love that never dies
And just upon a feather flies
From an angels wing it falls
So I will know my loved one calls

It flutters and then rests a while
Long enough to see me smile
For every feather that I touch
Will always have to mean so much

Though nothing can erase the pain
A feather sometimes flies again
And between us it will be the sign
That I am yours and you are mine


Some may see before their eyes
Whilst others dream and fantasise
They see so much without their sight
That it can make the darkness light

And in this world that is not here
They triumph over doubt and fear
For once conquered in a dream
Fear is no longer what it would seem

The Five Fingers of Friendship

My Friend

You are counted on one hand
As someone rare and true,
For in my life this hand
Will only know four more like you.


Life brings us together in such strange ways
Where fate will play its part
It waits upon the moment
For our perfect dream to start

And so it was on one such day
Our train was made to wait
With neither of us knowing
That this would be our fate

We had stepped aboard the carriage
From a very different station
But little did we know
What would be our final destination

One short journey and our lives had changed
There would be no turning back
For now we would ride the LoveTrain
Forever on the same track.

Legacy of Life

Once there was a world that though created through violence was preparing itself for peace. This was a world dominated by nature and as yet untainted by human involvement. This was a world where dreams were as yet undreamt, the only pain inflicted was for survival, and not for the pleasure of man. This was a world where an abundance of creatures roamed free within an unpolluted environment, a world awaiting its ultimate inhabitant enjoying its last throes of freedom.

From then on mankind would pursue a relentless goal to use his superior intelligence not for the benefit of all, but for power and dominance over others. The majesty of his surroundings could not hold him back, his selfish nature would take precedence over his legacy, and his thoughts would be for himself instead of those who followed.

What did he think would be the ultimate result? What did he care? For those who believe they live once may only wish to take, but for those who wish to live on through their children preservation is paramount.

How can we live with ourselves when we reduce the quality of life for those who follow us? As we have seen we have the ability to change the world for better or worse, let us for the sake of our children and their children make it for the better!

Life's Illusion

The sun is shining it's another day
There's no peace for the wicked
But there's hope in fair play,
A whole wide world awaits our spirit
To see how we can cope
To find out our limit

And for those who don't weaken
Who are true to the end,
They will find nothing bad
That the world was their friend

For in living our lives in the face of confusion
There's no better result
Than to see through the illusion,
And there before us as plain as could be
Will be answers to questions
That we never could see


In an ever dimming world
Where darkness fills the sky
We will always search for beauty
Something pleasing to the eye

We will always feel connected
To bright eyes and a smile
And always want that gentle touch
That it may rest a while

And if the sun may shine no more
Upon your flowing hair
Your radiance will take its place
And show us you are there


To be fond of someone is to care and hold them in your mind,
to love someone is to yearn and hold them in your heart.


Dreams come to us – the search is for belief.


Seek your destiny and you will find your world.


Passion creates performance.

Visualising our Capabilities

Dreams exaggerate our worst fears or our best aspirations,
they allow us to visualise subconsciously the extent of our capabilities.

Dove of Peace

Into the future where destiny lies, the dove of peace forever flies.


The present is here, and if you have vision - so is the future!

Stand Tall

The time those spend fighting others would be better spent overcoming their own shortcomings.

Action and Determination

Our goal may be close to our reach but far from our minds. Unless we have created a vision we can focus on and come ever closer to, we risk an eternal thought and an unfulfilled dream. For what we have seen with our eyes closed to be a reality with them open requires something of us – action and determination!

Power of Life

Once you have the key to renewed energy and optimism you have the power of life.

One Mind

One day when all the world is free
We'll sit and talk just you and me
About how one day all was changed
And war and peace were rearranged
How with this cataclysmic shift
All thoughts of war began to drift
Until they were forever gone
A world that now thought as one.

Sense of Humour

Our most valuable asset is our sense of humour, for once we realise what has been taken from us we are going to need it!

Peace Reborn

The world cries out for peace
But we all stand aside,
As the earth beneath our feet
Becomes a crimson tide.
Where is the sense in violence
Who wants to live with pain?
Believe that we can change the world
And we will start again!


The future of an ever increasing population rests with an ever decreasing amount of individuals. Those who had the chance to fulfil their own destiny are now at the mercy of whatever destiny has been decided for them.

A New Day Dawns

When a new day dawns that sees a billion people not only waking to the thought of peace but determined to act on it, then the constant tide of violence will be turned into a stream of compassion.

One Day

One day when all is gone
And there is nothing left to say
We will remember everything
The dreams we threw away

Go and take the world with you
Don’t look back on the past
For there we leave the memories
That were destined not to last

Be the inspiration for another
With the knowledge of your dream
That we would be together one day
Hard as it might seem

Life should have a purpose
And its purpose should be true
We shared that common purpose
Only – Only I loved you.


With our eyes wide open we may view the horizon, but with our eyes closed we may see the other side of the world – imagination has no boundaries.


Time is constant, but it means so much more to those who have less of it left!

Living for Challenge

For some to live life is challenging - For others to challenge life is living!

Escalating Violence – Reversing the Trend

The escalation of global violence is now an accepted fact, we accept that people might wish to do us harm and we counter that by increased counter measures which inevitably will lead to more loss of freedom until the everyday lives we live today become a thing of the past. Whenever tragedy strikes we maintain freedom and democracy will prevail over the will of our transgressors, but this stance can only ring true as long as that condition persists, the words will have a hollow ring to them if the reality shows we are losing the fight. Societies who feel they have been oppressed for generations who now have found the means to break out and make their voice heard will not retire again and relinquish gains they have made. Rightly or wrongly dependent on which side of the fence one sits there has to be some common ground, no one wants to fight forever when in the process they are left with little for which they fought, logically this is a pointless exercise.

As long as we are afraid of the unknown we will have to act in a pre emptive mode which is not only restrictive but solves nothing. In human terms if we want to heal a chronic condition we should look for the cause and the best natural remedies, rather than resorting to endless drugs that will only worsen it and have long term side effects. Those with any vision will look into the future and see there will be no winners, a world ruined by violence will not be worth inhabiting by anyone, perceived victors will be left to roam a wasteland devoid of everything that makes life worth living. It is a sobering thought to think that in that scenario those who have left this planet will be better off by far than those who destroyed it but survived.

Has the time not arrived when we all concede it is time to fight for our environment and not against each other? Can we not become one voice and one mind for everyone’s sake ? The light of the world is dimming because we choose to have our eyes closed, we continue to ignore the obvious and it will lead us to an inevitable oblivion. No matter past feelings we must look to the day when the world wakes up in one mind, the most positive day of everyone’s lives, the day collectively we reversed the trend and set the most positive course for all our futures!

All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary – we have only to arrange them in the right order.

Our Moment in Time

Lost forever the moments that go rushing by
Squandered in the idea so many more are there
Unworthy memories not justifying thought
They come and go without a care

Wishful thinking and endless hope
Dreams so unfulfilled
Take us to we know not where
With nothing on which to build

Day by day the moments pass
Until it is too late
To work towards our destiny
Instead of leaving it to fate

Our moment in time is here and now
Tomorrow it is gone
For many moments will come and go
But this one is the one!


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About the Author - William Royce

A Global Recreation - Playing our part

We are now living in the twilight years of a world where the light has been seen by many and ignored by many more. We have seen the beauty of creation masked by the sadness of destruction, we have not looked after what we were bestowed, and squandered the energy needed to protect us. Much of the life force of the planet has been destroyed to provide things we have no need for or any real use for, our wish to cultivate a material society has replaced our need to cultivate our lands and our friendships, in short, our values have changed.

We are living under an illusion that we will escape the problems we are causing, our live for today attitude has now been passed on by too many generations and now it is accepted as normal, few want to ensure that they leave the essential birthright for their children, most believe that this should be a material legacy and give little thought to mere survival.

There are fortunately a growing number of people who are recognising that the turning point has to happen within their own lifetimes, that they must be the voices of awareness, they are those who have already felt the spirit and are moving with it. The future of the world now depends on these voices being heard and listened to if we are to have any chance of a rebirth.

Our starting point must be our wish to extend our friendship to everyone, because everyone is and will be affected. We must halt the complacency that allows us to live in peace whilst others suffer the pain of war, we must take the actions that we know are right, and start to move forward with our hearts not just our minds.

To this end we must ensure that the messages that come to mind of peace and humanity are widely spread, and any process that allows this to happen is utilised. There are ways to power this goal whilst at the same time enriching everyone involved with enormous satisfaction and income, thereby enabling the widest amount of individuals to take part.

To most, world peace would seem an impossible dream, beyond our comprehension, as with each generation the possibility becomes ever more remote, and the majority of the population more helpless. Decisions that affect the lives of millions are made by a handful of people, and are often contrary to the thinking of the majority, the result is unrest and a further move away from the possibility of peace.

My own life changed dramatically as a result of the recession affecting my business, this led to a period of much soul searching and the need to inspire myself forward. I began by writing my thoughts down as the problem and the solution in each case, but in the form of verse as I found I could encapsulate so much then in just a couple of verses. Doing this daily and particularly at night was incredibly therapeutic and had the effect of opening my mind to new potentials whilst still carrying the burden of the existing problems.

After about 3 months something extraordinary happened, I had started to think about turning my thoughts to something far bigger than my own problem, something that would make my problems seem infinitesimal in the scheme of things, that process resulted in my starting to receive profound messages of peace, and opened up the vision that has never left me. Firstly I would write the messages, secondly I would build an acknowledgement list comprising some of the most notable people I could think of, thirdly I would find an international organisation who would share my vision and help in the marketing and dissemination, and fourthly I would have a film made that incorporated within its story inspirational words and music that would in itself further the overall message to the widest audience.

Reaching this point has involved enormous focus, dedication, and passion, and above all a total belief that I will bring about this vision in a way that will positively affect millions of people. In our blind quest to better ourselves we are actually achieving the opposite, everything we are striving for will be destroyed by our ever increasing need for things we actually do not need, as we strip our planet of its bounty and do untold damage to our environment, we are reaching the point of no return. We must act and act quickly, to develop the mindset of preservation, both human and environmental, by exploiting the avenues that allow us to interact with those around the world combining the power of similar thought, when we all start to agree on a logical course it will begin to happen.

The brighter future we all want for ourselves and our children need not be something we leave in others hands anymore, if we hold the vision together, we will achieve the result together , the impossible dream is going to become the vision of reality! The examples shown on this site are taken from my extensive portfolio, I hope you enjoy reading them!

This is the turning point - I look forward to welcoming you to a new day in a new world!

Good luck and Peace be with you

William Royce
Ambassador for Peace

I've been reaching out to public figures in government, business and entertainment for many, many years.

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