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William Royce


William Royce

William Royce

Ambassador for Peace – Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

Inspired to Inspire’

William Royce is a true visionary who has created thousands of amazing inspirational and motivational messages over twenty years, based on an original four part vision. He saw how the only realistic way to achieve Global Peace was through the spread of thought provoking inspirational humanitarian messages. His messages have been widely acknowledged by Royalty, World leaders, prominent individuals and organisations, along with concepts he has put forward for the Millennium Dome, Mayor of London and 2012 Olympics.

In such a complicated world William’s vision was one of simplicity, taking everything back to the basic concept that by feeding peoples of all nationalities and backgrounds with logical messages of peace and understanding, mindsets could gradually be changed on a global basis.

The world we live in is not the one we want, millions born into fear and deprivation, the political rhetoric of generations resulting in an ever worsening situation, the protectors of many also seen as the aggressors by others. As long as there is violence in mind there will be a need for counteractive violence, and so a never ending cycle of warfare prevails. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of having made life easier for those who follow, ambivalence is our greatest enemy.’

William Royce

William’s gift of looking at difficult issues, breaking them down to basics, and then applying logic in an inspirational manner, is something he earnestly believes should not be wasted. To take the most important issue we face and use such a simple approach might seem naive, but then when all else has failed there is nothing left but to think outside the box. A concept which is neither political, or religious, and seeks only to create better understanding can logically do nothing but good, the tide may be slow to turn, but the positive waves will undoubtedly be felt.

©William Royce

William Royce

Ambassador for Peace – Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

World Peace

For the past twenty years I have been writing thought provoking inspirational messages, my work has been acknowledged by many high profile people and organisations particularly in respect of my peace messages. Since my original vision which led to the creation of a large portfolio, the world has become even more fragmented, violent, and confused. There is hardly a corner left where one can feel totally safe either from political, religious, or individual violence, our global society is running amok despite ever more curbs on their freedoms.

Due to the incredibly complex problems encountered when trying to obtain a status quo in today’s world when a number of factions are involved and sometimes not even recognised, it becomes virtually impossible to obtain any lasting peace even when some arrangement is arrived at. The vision that came to me those years ago was clear, it showed me that the only way to create a peaceful world out of so much discontent was to provide an ongoing stream of thought provoking and inspirational messages that were not political or religious in any way, so could be viewed solely from a logical and moral standpoint.

It is clear to me that only this approach which has not been tried can work, every other way has failed and the situation can only get worse as violence begets more violence. There comes a time with  any unsolvable problem where one has to stand back and think outside of the box, never has there been a time or a problem so in need of a solution.  I implore you to read the attached document and consider its implications and the impact such a programme could have. There are many reasons for the continuation of wars not the least of which is the huge industry that feeds it, but we must come to our senses soon and realise that these industries that supply the need could be just as profitable making innovative but useful components for the benefit not destruction of our people and our environment.

 Nothing is impossible if it is seen as possible, anything not tried remains potential, anything so simple and logical that is not tried when it involves nothing less than the saving of our world as we know it is a travesty. Let us open our minds to the possibility that we have an answer, but its simplicity has prevented us from seeing it!

All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary, we have only to arrange them in the right order’

William Royce


My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

‘This is no dream’

© William Royce

William Royce



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William Royce

Ambassador for Peace – Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

A Logical Approach to Peace

If we stopped for a moment and took our minds away from the pressing problem of how to survive in our own worlds, we would rapidly be confronted with some serious truths. The first would be that whilst we have been focused on building a future for ourselves and our families, that future has become more and more uncertain, in fact while we concern ourselves with our jobs, pensions, property, and the like, the reality of us returning to the dark ages looms ever closer.

If we asked ourselves why we are faced with this problem in an age of smart thinking and technological brilliance, we could only come up with the fact that after tens of thousands of years of evolution whilst mankind has sought to better itself it has always done so by seeking more than it needs, and taking as much as it can from others in order to satisfy its inherent greed.

Gradually over the ages large territories were established into which greater populations prospered, but the need for expansion saw borders changing through wars motivated by politics, religion or both. There has never been a time of World Peace, just times in which certain areas and peoples enjoyed the calm that enabled them to live in unison with their surroundings, and feel the joy of being alive.

Successive generations have followed the model of attempting to suppress violence without dealing with the causes in a logical way, that is not imparting the will of a minority on the wishes of the majority. All too often we see the breakdown of peace agreements made between a few high level individuals that force whole populations into an unsteady arrangement destined for failure. Logically one can only obtain lasting peace by creating the same mindset in both sides, and for that to happen a radically different approach is needed than those applied to date.

Unless at long last collectively we are prepared to increase our understanding of others and look to find the common denominator that could enable us to live peacefully together, then quite obviously we face oblivion as the buttons are closer to being pushed than at any time before by a multitude of factions hell bent on destroying and protecting. The end result would be that no one gets what they are seeking and all are the losers, this makes all the aggression futile.

If as we must, step away from what seem to be the obvious solutions and can consider what is logical, we will find that violence will always be there escalating until we all can come to the same conclusion, how we have the chance to make this happen was shown to me in the most amazing vision nearly twenty years ago, and became the catalyst for the thousands of inspirational messages I have created since then and the acknowledgements received.

Bluntly put we are destroying our environment almost as fast as we are destroying our friendships, it is just a question of what gets us first. We either irradiate the planet, get a global pandemic, run out of food and water, or have a huge natural disaster, if we could deal with the things we can do something about, then we will have more resources to cope with that beyond our control.

It all comes down to one word LOGIC

Which in this case to me means Linking One Goal Is Crucial

Only when we are able to unite in the common goal of saving the planet as a whole will we be able to see the futility that is war, and in my vision this would be achieved through the global dissemination of thought provoking inspirational messages of peace.

The world owes me nothing except the chance to live –

I owe the world nothing except the chance to survive.

© William Royce

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©William Royce

William Royce

Ambassador for Peace – Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

A Global Mindset

It is just a moment in time relatively speaking, since our world still retained the balance of nature enjoyed by our ancestors. Through some inbuilt need to dominate one another we have progressively scarred our planet until today it can take no more and shows us the signs of its displeasure. Everything in life has its breaking point; there is a point to which one can go and sometimes retract from before irreversible damage is done or catastrophe occurs, and we are obviously at that marker.

Our own health ultimately relies on the health of our environment, the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. To sustain a quality environment in a world with now so many individuals requires a similar global mindset, in short it needs a common goal, which by force of numbers and diversity of location can literally pull us back from the brink.

Through our natural competitiveness and increasing numbers we have reached a stage where control has been lost by the introduction of so many regulations instigated to have the opposite effect. As different governments come and go we are left with the fallout of whatever policies were deemed politically advantageous. It is like some huge game where the participants have a certain time in which to make positive changes but can cause havoc and then hand over to new players without suffering any loss themselves, the loser is the game itself, in this case our world. New players hope to rectify things but steadily add to the overall demise. Each new set of players have less time left to find the solution, and due to their own competitive spirit tend to add more complications.

In today’s world each successive generation carries a much bigger mental burden than the previous one. On the surface we have more luxuries to help us think we are improving our life, and gadgets to help us keep up with the pace, but as we retire to our safe and comfortable havens to shut out the immediate world around us, we are still unable to leave the wider world behind. It creeps up on us day by day through the media reminding us that in reality we are just sitting ducks, and the four walls that surround us have no practical value against the wrath of the planet or major terrorist activity.

We are dreaming our way into a better world because we cannot face the reality, we cannot imagine having everything taken from us in some cataclysm that destroyed life as we know it. When our ancestors first walked on this planet they had a pollution free environment, abundant wildlife, and a future to look forward to. In contrast we could have total pollution, no wildlife, and only a past to reflect on, to have had the foresight to come so far yet be so blind to the consequences of our actions would seem crazy in the extreme. What is the answer ?

Can anyone deem to know how in their short life they can offer the answer to a problem that has been building for centuries? If we cannot see into the future, then the answer must lie in the past, for it is from there that the problem has emanated. As we now live in a world far more complex than the past, our first thoughts should be on how to simplify our situation so it could become manageable. Combining our strengths and facing up to our collective perils is the way to go, taking the word impossible out of use, and focusing on the fact that everything is possible if we can all focus on true aims.

As we start a New Year can we afford to dream any longer, can we afford to shut out the real world in favour of the world at our doorstep, can we look our children in the eye and say that we are doing everything we can to ensure their future? And can we start to realise that no individual is the same, that in our own way we all want to experience fulfilment and freedom of choice, but that we should be able to have this experience naturally without the undue direction that takes away our individual identity.

We should not be so focused on seeking to improve the things that have no real value to our environment. If we can add spirit to technology to make it work for us in a way that will help everyone’s future and not widen the divide between rich and poor countries, and if we can open our minds along with our eyes to become more tolerant and understanding, then we will truly have a reason to say –

Happy New Year!

Our fate need not be left in other’s hands if we play a greater role in our own destiny’


William Royce

William Royce

Ambassador for Peace – Acknowledged Author of Inspirational Messaging

A Question of Priorities

When one considers the fragile state of our world today it seems to me that our sense of priorities are wrong, we are in danger of letting the issues that are closest to us cloud our vision on what is over the horizon – what we don’t see we don’t feel.

If we can stop for a moment to examine the past, and look at how even recent peace attempts are continually thwarted, it is obvious that a new and radically different approach is needed. If I am wrong in the way I am thinking, then I see no hope for mankind, because all the computers in the world cannot solve this one. If we continue to think that a relatively small group of individuals in whatever position can be left to decide the fate of billions, when they themselves can never find enough common ground, then we are indeed fated.

Yes we must have those elected to do their job of coordinating the wishes of the greater part of the population, but not to decide to antagonise against the wishes of that part. I believe that we simply do not understand that the greater part of all populations want peace whatever their nationality. That means that we have to find the best way for each of these sectors to reach each other and confer their message, which would undoubtedly be one of general goodwill to other nations. What we are suffering from is the inability to hear these messages from the ordinary inhabitants of countries around the globe.

With the backing of governments and major industry, individuals speaking for the masses and from the heart could purvey their messages in many different ways, speaking of the wish to pass on the overall feelings of their countries people to other nations. The knock on effect of seeing and hearing these goodwill messages passing between different nationalities and religions would be to create a calming of tensions and a greater understanding of the reality of war, and that is that only a minority are in favour.

Whilst we try to stop war with minorities talking to each other, in my view we will never solve the problem. Peace is never going to come to us, we have to go out and search for it, and we need to want it enough to do the searching. If other nations reach out in their search we will find each other in the mutual quest, and if we replace some of the politics with passion and enter hearts with our hearts instead of our weapons, then we may see the word PEACE stand for –

Passion Ending All Conflicts Evermore

Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we must not let the intangible affect the tangible by letting some suffer in this world for beliefs others hold about their next. Let us realise that for the time being at least we are all living in the same world and should respect each other, we may have our own destiny mapped out but let us give others the chance to realise theirs.


William Royce

This is my oath as I am born

To strive for peace or be forlorn

To leave this world proud of my name

And a better place than when I came


William Royce

William Royce – Profile of a True Visionary

Applying the word visionary to someone conjures up a sense that they can somehow see the future, as such it tends to be used too often when there is little evidence of real vision, however in the case of William Royce the word could not be more appropriate. The incredible insight shown in the creation of thousands of thought provoking, heartfelt, and logical messages, spanning a twenty year period from the time of a life changing experience, is testament to his amazing ability to soul search at the deepest level.

William’s acknowledgements span Royalty, World Leaders, Ministers, Celebrities, Major Organisations and Charities, he has projected concepts for the Millennium Dome, Mayor of London, 2012 Olympics, Invictus Games, and many other situations where inspiration would play a major role. He has written special pieces for numerous high profile events, his words always being gratefully received.

His underlying passion is the creation of thought provoking inspirational messages on the theme of peace, his vision always to make a positive difference and leave a legacy to be proud of. The world requires his thought provoking words more than ever before, hopefully it will get the chance sooner rather than later!

Read more about William at www.williamroyce.com

William also offers a commercial service to companies wishing to create a special message or slogan


If we have the vision and imagination to dream, we need only the inspiration and determination to succeed.

© William Royce

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