Inspirational messages for a better world

William Royce is a true visionary who has created thousands of amazing inspirational and motivational messages over twenty five years, based on an original four part vision following the need for self inspiration. He saw how the only realistic way to achieve World Peace was through the spread of thought provoking inspirational humanitarian messages. His messages have been widely acknowledged by Royalty, World leaders, prominent individuals and organisations, along with concepts he has put forward for the Millennium Dome, Mayor of London and 2012 Olympics.

In such a complicated world William’s vision was one of simplicity, taking everything back to the basic concept that by feeding peoples of all nationalities and backgrounds with logical messages of peace and understanding, mindsets could gradually be changed on a global basis, his gift of looking at difficult issues, breaking them down to basics, and then applying logic in an inspirational manner, is something he earnestly believes should not be wasted. To take the most important issue we face and use such a simple approach might seem naive, but then when all else has failed there is nothing left but to think outside the box. A concept which is neither political, or religious, and seeks only to create better understanding can logically do nothing but good, the tide may be slow to turn, but the positive waves will undoubtedly be felt.

He Says –

    ‘The world we live in is not the one we want, millions born into fear and deprivation, the political rhetoric of generations resulting in an ever worsening situation, the protectors of many also seen as the aggressors by others. As long as there is violence in mind there will be a need for counteractive violence, and so a never ending cycle of warfare prevails. The greatest legacy we can leave is that of having made life easier for those who follow, ambivalence is our greatest enemy.’

Whilst peace was and still is the overriding goal, over the years I have created many messages on different themes all from my own experience which I believe gives the sentiments depth and more meaning. Having encountered and successfully overcome many challenges I know the power of logical thinking combined with determination. After the initial period of writing my thoughts to take me through another day and deciding to use whatever talent I had for a bigger purpose I had messages come to me that were so profound I could hardly believe I was writing them, it was as if my hand was being guided and if I asked for a new message one always came, it was the most spiritual time of my life and set me on a path I saw as my destiny.

Keeping this dream alive for so long has been a huge undertaking as so much has happened since the original vision, and much of the challenges I have faced have been a result of not going the easy way but working on things that would allow the creative spirit to endure and flourish until I could finally accomplish the vision. Five years ago, I had a site nearly completed but situations at the time meant I had to wait again until now to see this come together and I am excited by the thought that even at this late stage my words and messages can go out and hopefully provide a variety of feelings from the various themes.

Many of my messages were written for self-inspiration as a way to keep motivated despite whatever the challenge was at the time, and they always worked which is why I think putting ones thoughts down can be incredibly therapeutic as you find out who you really are and can get guidance from the one person who knows you best – you !

I hope the messages here will inspire, motivate and add something to your life as they have for me, I believe we all came here for a reason which was to add something of us to help make a better world for those who will follow , Inspirational Messaging is my legacy to the world and I would like to think it will have made a thought provoking and positive change to as many as possible.

Best wishes for a better world,

William Royce

Ambassador for Peace



My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

‘This is no dream’

©William Royce