About Me My early years were very privileged living in an eight bedroom house and going to private schools. My grandfather was Fred  ‘Brusher’ Herbert a famous jockey who won 3000 races including the Kentucky derby, so my mother had lived an extra ordinary life being born in Australia whilst Fred was riding there . My father was in the Desert Rats during the war and headed up an international company afterwards which I worked with for a number of years, and it was there I found my talent for sales becoming the youngest of seventy senior salesmen and with the top turnover. This was the most enjoyable time of my life, I had money, sports cars, girlfriends, and the freedom to enjoy it all, anyone around at the end of the sixties and early seventies will know it was a magical time with incredible change.

I spent three years living with my father when my parents sadly separated and the bond we had I will never forget, he was and still is my greatest influence and I feel his presence still. I retained great love for my mother and count myself so lucky to have had such loving and caring parents and the life they afforded me and it is that abiding memory that has also enabled me to feel in the way I do. I also shared my younger years with my step brother and sister from my mother’s first marriage to an RAF engineer who was killed when they were only a few years old and I have many fond memories of that time and we are all still close .

After some work abroad in Berlin, Wiesbaden and Paris, with our company and set to take over a Directorship within a few years, events caused me to move into a new career from which I ended up with my own company, doing very well as I had built it up from scratch to be supplying some of the UK’s largest organisations. This is where I made my most life changing decision to do an expansion as we were expecting to come out of the early nineties recession which went on for another two years, affecting the business and leaving me with a decision whether to take offers made to me or to wait on some likely potentials. I decided to go it alone and see what transpired and everything I was near to seemed to get delayed or not happen as expected leading me into a position I had never envisaged I could ever experience.

In the ensuing years I had to fight daily and still with a young family the pressure was there,but the amazing vision I had seen after three months of self inspiration showed me my destiny and the path I needed to take. This naturally placed undue pressure that I never needed to have,and here I have to thank my wife Wendy for all she has had to put up with knowing life could have been so much easier. I have always had a great understanding of human nature but the chance to see the other side of the coin as to what it was like to have to fight to survive I took to be a positive, in that it was meant to happen in order to be able to create my messages.

I look back on a young boy waiting to be collected from prep school always thinking about why we had to be in a constant state of readiness for war, or why others were enduring the horrors, what was it that needed to happen for the world to be in peace and nations be able to live together? I actually believed at that young age that I was going to do something that would make a positive change to the world and whilst so much was happening in my teens and early twenties it was not until I took a girlfriends place with a clairvoyant that it all came back. He told me some incredible things of which he had no prior knowledge and then said when I was forty my whole life would change, I was twenty six at the time and I forgot to ask how it would change but change it did at forty just as he predicted.

In 2012 I had a full stroke caused by years of stress ,and basically not adhering to the health information I was giving to others as I have spent now nearly thirty five years in that arena. My knowledge of leading edge natural health enabled me to pull back to 100% and unbelievably I found my logical thinking had improved to a very high level.

This project has been many years in the making so now I am putting everything into it to try and finish off what I started all those years ago. It is also my legacy as I believe we all have something positive we can leave behind to help make the world a better place for those who follow. Also I would have loved to have been able to ask my father so many things I never thought of when he was still alive and so in one way my children will have something to look at and not have to wonder how I thought and what drove me.

I am very excited by the thought of the many who hopefully will get to read my messages and that even in today’s fractured world these may have the desired effect !