We were challenged from birth and will be till death, taking up those challenges is what life is all about.



Belief is a product of our imagination that takes us from the known into the unknown. It is the thing that allows us to see what is not yet there. It provides the strength to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. If we believe in something, our strength of thought creates a positive vibration that moves ahead of us like a wave, engulfing all obstacles in our way. Doubt is also a product of our own imagination, it also takes us from the known into the unknown but provides no insight, the negative vibrations produced are felt by those in our path, and their strength overcomes us.


Some see this simply as success or disappointment, others as luck or bad luck, a few see it for what it is – the ability to control our destiny. We have got to know ourselves, and our capabilities, based on what we have achieved to date, we have formed a view of what we are capable of through our success and our failures. In hindsight when we had success did we believe, and when we had failures did we doubt?If the answer is yes the we know that belief is the factor that will bring us success in all our endeavors, and if we are tempted again to allow self doubt to appear, we can imagine the strength of that wave moving in front of us, clearing the path to our goal.
© William Royce
Moments in Time
We live in moments of time, they are moments that can be captured or lost but they are moments never to return. What we make of our moments up to us because they are ours, others will be sharing the same time but what they do with it is up to them. Life brings us opportunities that are up to us to recognize, some will be insignificant whilst some could be life changing. The appliance of logic can pinpoint where our destiny lies, but it is determination and focus that will make success inevitable.
© William Royce



Beyond our Limits

Everything that happens close to us, colors the picture of our lives. We can mentally absorb it, as we do not have to stretch our imagination, it is the comfort zone, the place where we feel we can cope. Our comfort zone may provide everything we need, but it is easy to languish within it oblivious to what lies outside. The exploration of what lies beyond the limits we have set ourselves, will be rewarded by the satisfaction of knowing we did not settle for the minimum life wanted to give us, but strove for the maximum we could achieve.


© William Royce



Collective Thought

If we have the vision and imagination to dream, we need only the inspiration and determination to succeed.


© William Royce





The world conspires to knock me down

Yet I get up again,

For what is there to hurt me

Now that I have felt the pain

Everything that comes to haunt me

Every challenge that I face

Is there to test my spirit

Not to put me in my place

So if I resolve to fight

And never weaken from my goal,

Then no one will take my spirit

And no one will take my soul.


© William Royce


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The Fight to Survive

To fight any life threatening issue one should set a purpose in life that is as strong as the will to survive. The determination to fulfill the purpose will override any negative fear with positive emotion, and thereby create the powerful healing mindset needed for the best outcome.


©William Royce




The Real World 

When the dawn breaks it will provide the light for a new day, but more than that, it could provide the light for a new world. We have the time to sleep on the notion that tomorrow might not be just another day, but the day, the day we took ourselves out of our own world and became part of the whole world. This is the place where inhibitions do not exist, where dreams can become reality, and where freedom brings us together with those who can help us make a change.  Just as we have visions of a better world, so do others who are sharing our vision unwittingly. It is for each of us to make the journey of discovery, to find those with a common goal, and then together face and overcome the challenges that will make a difference.

The new day in our new world will be enlightening as we realize that we hold the ability to move from one world to another with the power of our mind. There was nothing to hold us back, no force strong enough to keep us in our own world. We may make this transition ahead of others, and so will help them to make the journey. One day all will be together in the real world, and there we will share our qualities, live in peace, and the world that limited us and prevented harmony will be just a memory.


© William Royce


Challenge Yourself
You are as you are and ever will be
Except for your soul that yearns to be free
Except for your mind that wants you to know
There are things it can do if you ask it to show
We limit ourselves and the power possessed
By accepting our limits to be good but not best
Somewhere you will find in the passage of time
That to challenge yourself is not such a crime !
© William Royce




 On top of the world

The world will only be at your feet when you have taken the steps to stand on top of it !


© William Royce







Never give in to the doubts and fears

Produced by your own mind

For as easily as these come through

There are others you can find


There is a choice that we can make

Between the joy and pain

To stay within the dark world

Or find the light again


The spirit that you hold

Is waiting just to hear

That you are not defeated

And there is nothing left to fear


©  William Royce