Nothing is as important as those we bring into this world and
the love we give them


My Father 

Why have you gone and left me
To live in this world as your son
Why were you taken from me
Before you finished what you had begun?

Why could we not have been brothers
Together unto the end
Why must I have you in spirit
Not in reality here to befriend?

All manner of thoughts overcome me
That start with how blessed I have been
To have lived alongside and been loved
By the best father that I’ve ever seen.

© William Royce



My Child   

I am as close to God as I will ever be when you are near.
You are the inspiration for my soul, the embodiment of my life,
you are the dream I’ve never dreamed and the life I’ve never lived.

Your tears are my waterfall, for I am hurt more by your pain
than I could ever be by my own, but your laughter is my heaven
for here on earth I could find no greater joy.

© William Royce


My Dad     

So special is my dad to me
That only he my dad could be
For though I know there are others too
Who think they have dads just like you
Somehow life could never be
As it is with you and me.
So dad I want you now to know
In case I find it hard to show
That special bond you’ve shown to me
I’ll carry through eternity.

© William Royce



My Daughter   

I thought I’d had all I deserved
When first I saw your face
But now I know what more you’ve done
My life to further grace

As a flower grows and takes its place
With all of those around
You have shown your beauty
To all others you have found

Enough for me to say there is
No fairer girl I’ll see
And I will always thank the Lord
He gave this girl to me.

© William Royce


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My Son 

My son what more could you expect
Than just my love for you
If there was more that I could give
Then I would give that too

I’ll try my best to let you have
The secrets I have found
So listen well as time may fly
And I am called to ground

You’ll live forever with me
Through the good times and the bad
And I’ll be blessed you are my son
And proud to be your Dad

© William Royce