Without inspiration we may never find our true capability.


Reality is cast aside
And in its place are dreams
Where everything I want to be
I am or so it seems

Where everything I want to have
Before closed eyes is placed
And aspirations that I’ve held
Need not be further chased

And there will come a day
When all these things come true
Where with my eyes wide open
All my dreams will be on view

© William Royce




Where there is potential there is hope
Where there is hope there is freedom
Where there is freedom there is space
Where there is space there is inspiration
Where there is inspiration there is creation!

© William Royce


Switch of Life

When your heart is heavy and your mind is weary, strength is hard to find. When there seems nothing to sustain you and the fire inside is reduced to smouldering embers you wait anxious and helpless expecting the warm glow that was your inspiration to extinguish. Only by having a preset trigger can you rekindle your energy, an automatic response to relight your fire.

Having this switch programmed into your subconscious is your saviour, it is your own spark of life. Before facing the next major challenge ( an inevitability for most of us) set up your life switch, be prepared, gain the confidence that comes with knowing you have a reserve, a hidden energy source ready to kick start your inherent power again.  The trigger for this switch to be turned on will be the message that comes at a certain point which you have determined as the lowest level you are prepared to fall to. You must not use this switch except in exceptional and most challenged times, otherwise its spark will become diminished.

We have the power to overcome seemingly hopeless situations but are not geared for them, by being ready we become able, and our ebbing energy is once more restored to fight the fight!

© William Royce


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My Dream  ( World Peace)

My dream is larger than life
So powerful it is awe inspiring
So real it is reality
So intense it numbs all else
So simple it seems naïve
So necessary it defies ridicule
So peaceful it is all conquering

‘This is no dream’

© William Royce


Inspiration vs Motivation

Inspiration may be created by understanding what can be achieved.
Motivation may be created by realizing how little time we have to achieve it.

© William Royce

I Am

I am the earth I am the sea
I am the sun that shines on me
I am the day I am the night
I am the stars that shine so bright

I am the love I feel inside
I am the pain I cannot hide
I am the vision that I see
I am the things I want to be

I am the hope I am the goal
I am the spirit and the soul
I am the person I could be
But most of all I am me.

© William Royce


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All that you have is ahead of you, all that has gone is a lost opportunity. Time is constant, but it means so much more to those who have less of it left. If you are young, realize that time will run out sooner than you think,if you are older take hold of those lost opportunities and recreate them.

© William Royce


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Keeping stress under control is all about balance, once the scales are tipped we may feel unable to cope. Creativity is one of the best forms of stress management, as excitement balances depression and inspiration replaces despair. Every problem has an answer, but solutions rarely knock on our door.  We must ask the questions and seek out the answers, taking control of ourselves is infinitely better than allowing others to take control of us. No one knows you better than yourself, honesty will offer promise, and determination will be rewarded. Thoughts if written down will be a revelation, if we can focus on our problems, we will have sight of the solution.

© William Royce


Creating our Dream

Let us hope that in the creation of our dream, we allowed for the energy needed to realize it – vision without determination is like a car without a driver, it can go anywhere but not by itself.

© William Royce


Book of Life

We are not far from many of our dreams, but we hold them at the outer limit of our imagination. We are sometimes unwilling to accept that we could in fact have what we hold to be intangible. What we desire, and what we think we are capable of is the gap we must close. If we can define our dream clearly, then we can create the focus needed to summon the determination to achieve it. it is a matter of choice.

Whether we choose to stay where we are, whether we feel we have achieved enough, or whether we still yearn to move on to a new chapter in the book, which will eventually tell the story of our life. It is for us only to decide when we will mark our book with the words ‘The End’, until that time we can always write another chapter, tell another story and live another dream.

© William Royce



We can seem to have everything and yet it mean nothing, or seem to have nothing and yet it mean everything. For in allowing others to define what we need we can lose sight of our true objectives. No one has nothing, everyone possesses something, and if they can raise that something it can become everything.

© William Royce



It is easier for a poor person to imagine wealth than for a wealthy person to imagine poverty, for the poor person has his eyes open through necessity, whilst the wealthy person may have his eyes closed through satisfaction.

© William Royce


New Day

Every day is a new day. It comes with a new hope, it comes with a new freedom of choice, whether to do again what we did yesterday or make a new start and look forward to tomorrow. One day may not seem like a lifetime, but it can have a profound effect on the rest of our lives. The question is, if we can change our life today, why wait until tomorrow?

© William Royce



Belief is a product of our imagination that takes us from the known into the unknown. It is the thing that allows us to see what is not yet there. It provides the strength to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. If we believe in something, our strength of thought creates a positive vibration that moves ahead of us like a wave, engulfing all obstacles in our way. Doubt is also a product of our own imagination, it also takes us from the known into the unknown but provides no insight, the negative vibrations produced are felt by those in our path, and their strength overcomes us.

Some see this simply as success or disappointment, others as luck or bad luck, a few see it for what it is – the ability to control our destiny. We have got to know ourselves, and our capabilities, based on what we have achieved to date, we have formed a view of what we are capable of through our success and our failures. In hindsight when we had success did we believe, and when we had failures did we doubt?

If the answer is yes the we know that belief is the factor that will bring us success in all our endeavors, and if we are tempted again to allow self doubt to appear, we can imagine the strength of that wave moving in front of us, clearing the path to our goal.

© William Royce



We are empowered by vision and driven by determination.

© William Royce 




Beyond our Limits

Everything that happens close to us, colors the picture of our lives. We can mentally absorb it, as we do not have to stretch our imagination, it is the comfort zone, the place where we feel we can cope. Our comfort zone may provide everything we need, but it is easy to languish within it oblivious to what lies outside. The exploration of what lies beyond the limits we have set ourselves, will be rewarded by the satisfaction of knowing we did not settle for the minimum life wanted to give us, but strove for the maximum we could achieve.

© William Royce

Our Goal

Clear these idle thoughts and look beyond
For there lies the object of our desire
Shifting like a mirage in the sand
It waits shimmering without form this restless goal

Sliding back and forth,
Teasing, tempting, offering, taking away
It knows our strength and keeps to the boundary

Focus is its only enemy,
For if defined and captured as a lasting image
It will offer itself up as the ultimate prize
Rewarding not only the challenge but also the spirit.

© William Royce


Time For Ambition

We should not wait for time to elapse, and with it the chance to fulfill our ambition. We can slow the clock that governs our lifetime by speeding up the actions needed to realize our goals. The sooner we create our dream, the longer we will have to live it.

© William Royce


The Right Direction

It is within our capability to discover the person we could be, rather than settling for the person we are. It is easier to adapt to changes going on around us than to make the changes, but then we allow outside forces to direct our lives, rather than setting up the forces that will drive us in the direction we want to go. If we change from being an unconscious receiver to being a conscious transmitter, then the direction of our lives will be governed by our own thought process, and we will move onward toward our goal.

© William Royce


Building Our Dream

If the building of a dream is based upon the foundation of reality, then its success will depend on nothing more than determination.

© William Royce


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One Brief Moment

In one brief moment we can decide to harness the energy inside that will take us from the existence we have, to the future we want. That energy must be pointed in the right direction and focused on our goal. There will be obstacles in our way, but our new found determination will give us the power to overcome these and move on, never stopping until the vision we hold becomes the reality of which we dream.

© William Royce


Hard Facts

At the end of the day
When I’m all alone
I rest my weary head,
Upon a pillow, filled with dreams
That lies upon my bed

Hard facts that I must face
Seem now to haunt my mind,
The more I try to sleep
The more hard facts I find

Afraid to reach tomorrow
I’m reminded of today,
No solution to my problems
So in my mind they stay

But even in this weary state
I know there is salvation,
It lies within a clearer mind
This chance of new creation

© William Royce


Persistant Dream

I fly through life on a wing and a prayer
Just because I can’t see it
Doesn’t mean it’s not there,

Just because I can’t feel it
It doesn’t have to exist,
As long as my mind
Allows my dream to persist.

© William Royce


Knowing Yourself

There is no knowledge more valuable than knowing oneself.

© William Royce



Why can’t we live without money?
Why is it such a pain?
Too much and we have a problem
Too little and it drives us insane

Why can’t we live with a promise?
A promise to do what’s agreed
Our word would become our bond
Words would be all that we’d need

Money would just become time
Time that provided the key,
To supplying all that was needed
And giving it all for free

At present only those with the money
Can help those who have practically none,
But then we would not have to worry
As everybody would help everyone!

© William Royce



With our eyes open we may view the horizon, but with our eyes closed we may see the other side of the world – imagination has no boundaries.

© William Royce


The Life of Time

In the space of just a second
A moment came and went,
And sixty seconds later
There’s a minute that’s been spent

Minutes pass without a thought
There are so many to devour,
But soon the clock is striking
And I’ve lost another hour

Still such is life, it comes and goes
Sometimes without a care,
But never let it pass you by
Without knowing you were there

For whilst we know we’re here today
We could be gone tomorrow,
And then it will be just too late
The wasted time to borrow

© William Royce



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Such is life that we can let it fly by without ever catching its wings, without letting it carry us to our true destiny. We are afraid to ride the wind to an uncertain destination, opting instead for normality and a safe haven, where we hear the wind but shut it out.   Out there is the freedom we crave, an unknown world where perhaps we could find ourselves, and the spirit that lurks within. One day something may change in your life that will empower you to reach out and grasp your birthright. Your whole being will surge with the energy that comes from the vision of your potential, and you will never again be content with normality.

© William Royce




Value Of Life

 We value so much that is worthless whilst discarding that which is priceless. Every life has potential, the abundance of life has lessened our perception of its value. In reappraising our worth to each other we will find the value of humanity and life itself.


© William Royce




Sense of Humor


Our most valuable asset is our sense of humor, for once we realize what has been taken from us we are going to need it!


©  William Royce




The Five Fingers of Friendship

 My Friend, you are counted on one hand as someone rare and true, for in this life this hand will only know four more like you.


©   William Royce




Creators ask all the questions – then change all the answers !

©   William Royce




A day of giving is worth a month of living !

©   William Royce


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Subconscious Sight 


Dreams exaggerate our worst fears or our best aspirations, they allow us to visualize subconsciously the extent of our capabilities.


©   William Royce






I’ll leave those who do not know me to think what they want, and those who do to think what they know!


©   William Royce