We are motivated by a need for improvement and the realization that it is achievable

Our Goal

Clear these idle thoughts and look beyond
For there lies the object of our desire
Shifting like a mirage in the sand
It waits shimmering without form this restless goal

Sliding back and forth,
Teasing, tempting, offering, taking away
It knows our strength and keeps to the boundary

Focus is its only enemy,
For if defined and captured as a lasting image
It will offer itself up as the ultimate prize
Rewarding not only the challenge but also the spirit.

© William Royce



One Thought

We are only ever one thought away from changing our destiny, but perhaps a thousand thoughts away from making that change. By taking positive action on our thoughts today we will not only change tomorrow but everyday that follows, for if we change direction and persevere, we will never return to our current course.

© William Royce


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Moments in Time

 We live in moments of time, they are moments that can be captured or lost but they are moments never to return. What we make of our moments up to us because they are ours, others will be sharing the same time but what they do with it is up to them. Life brings us opportunities that are up to us to recognize, some will be insignificant whilst some could be life changing. The appliance of logic can pinpoint where our destiny lies, but it is determination and focus that will make success inevitable.

© William Royce



Foresight to Success 

Success is never far away, it is often only just beyond failure. Foresight and determination helps us to see potential and then achieve it, however few opportunities are certain which can lead to much wasted time and effort. We can have a lifelong search or be lucky to have that chance presented to us early enough to save precious years.

© William Royce


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One Breath

We live a lifetime in the shadow of death, constantly imagining the future whilst recollecting the past, trying to dream our way to a perfect existence in the face of reality. The reality being that we are only ever one breath away from perhaps reaching our heaven, though it be in another world.  We are fighting every moment either consciously or unconsciously to keep our dream and ourselves alive. The better health we are in the less conscious we will be of our frailty, but the more conscious we will be of attaining our dream. Realizing the importance of every breath should give us a purpose to create and an urgency to succeed, it should destroy negativity and allow only positive thought.

If we realized that we have no time to create war, only time to create peace, no time to make enemies only time to make friends, then each breath would not be wasted and each life would be fulfilled. With each breath we sustain our own life, but we have the power also to breathe life into others through our thoughts and words. As we breathe the same air we must speak the same words, as we live in the same world we must protect that world.

© William Royce 





  Lost forever the moments that go rushing by

Squandered in the idea so many more are there

Unworthy memories not justifying thought

They come and go without a care


Wishful thinking and endless hope

Dreams so unfulfilled

Take us to we know not where

With nothing on which to build


Day by day the moments pass

Until it is too late

To work towards our destiny

Instead of leaving it to fate


Our moment in time is here and now

Tomorrow it is gone

For many moments will come and go

But this one is the one!

© William Royce





The present is here, and if you have the vision – so is the future !

© William Royce





If we live in hope we will die of complacency !

© William Royce




Search and Find

Search your soul – Find your Spirit – Act on your destiny !

© William Royce




Everything is Possible

 To make the impossible possible we have to believe in the unbelievable. Until you try you don’t know, until you open your mind you cannot imagine, until you open your eyes you cannot see. Until our thoughts become collective they have only the power of one, but sharing those thoughts can produce the power of many.

©  William Royce.




Defining Moment

There comes a time in everyone’s life which they may call their defining moment, it is the moment that separates the past from the future in a momentous way. Often this moment does not become apparent until sometime after it has passed, but its effect is such that it can be charted exactly on reflection. Drawing conclusions from a lifetime of experience that enables us to change direction, and perhaps our destiny, can make this moment the most important in our lives, it is therefore the moment that will define who we are, and how we wish to be for the remainder of our lives.

If we can recognize and fully appreciate this transition as it is happening we will add to its momentum and outcome, it is far better to direct our own destiny than have others do it for us. As the subconscious moves to the conscious, so our dream moves closer to reality and our defining moment becomes imprinted on our mind.

©  William Royce




Day and Night

Our lives consist of day and night, of sun and moon, of wake and sleep, of conscious and unconscious. We open our eyes to the days potential and close them for the nights reminiscing, we live by day in hope and by night in dreams, and our lives are a balance of the two. What we dream takes us to what we perceive as the limit of our potential, and we have the days in order to bring us closer to those dreams however impossible they may seem.

© William Royce