Peace is only elusive because we have different mindsets, changing those mindsets to think as one is the goal.


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Words of Peace

All the words needed to create peace are in the dictionary; we have only to arrange them in the right order.

© William Royce 


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My Oath

This is my oath as I am born
To strive for peace or be forlorn
To leave this world proud of my name
And a better place than when I came

© William Royce



Seeds of Peace

Everyone together, peace for all mankind
The start of a new era
Where bright eyes lead the blind
The earth returns its bounty
For everyone to see
And the seed of peace will grow
From just an acorn to a tree.

© William Royce



Dialogue of Peace

Some fights must end in such a way no victor will be sought
Then from ensuing dialogue a lasting peace is brought
Those who have been born into uncertainty and fear
Will cherish every hour as if it were a year

Others who have taken sides believing they were right
Will recognize the hope in ending such a fight
And all who’ve held a dream that peace would come their way
Will stand together friend or foe in friendship from this day

© William Royce



Peaceful Days

I wish that all the world was mine
I held it in my hand
Then it would be just up to me
To bring peace to this land

And then there’d be no question
There’d be nothing left to fear
As peaceful days brought peaceful months
And then a peaceful year

© William Royce



In Recognition of Peace

Peace marks the spot where I will stand
With open arms and outstretched hand
To welcome those who for peace have fought
But have seen their dream yet come to nought

This word that has a gentle ring
Must be the one that we all sing
Must be the dream that cannot cease
The dream of everlasting peace

© William Royce




Time Heals

In the heat of the moment we may make a new enemy, but in the passing of time we may make a new friend.

© William Royce



The Peacemaker

Take this hand of freedom
A hand that is there by choice
Hold this hand of friendship
And listen to my voice

Let me be the peacemaker
Let the light of peace shine through
Let us rid this world of anger
And let us start anew

Take this hand of freedom
See the offer that it makes
Hold on until we see it through
However much it takes

And when we reach our goal
And the sound of war is gone
Let us not take pen to paper
But carve this peace in stone.

© William Royce



Sword of Freedom

We will blunt the sword of freedom
And sharpen up our tongues
And let any wounds inflicted
Be only from our lungs

For words can penetrate the mind
And keep alive our heart
But weapons are designed to maim
And keep us all apart

© William Royce



Peace Prevails

Let us not be defeated by the thought of Peace

© William Royce




War comes like a wind
That is blowing hot and cold
Where the young die young
And the old die old

Snuffed out like a candle
That had much more light to give
Some flicker till the darkness comes
And they have no more life to live

It takes away the souls of those
Who fight for their just cause
It robs the innocent of innocence
As to its web it draws

No life is safe on either side
Whilst anger breathes its fire
And the wind that’s blowing hot and cold
Has no intention to retire

But the candle may be lit again
To brighten this dark hour
And through a flame of trust
The light of peace will war devour

© William Royce



Thoughts of Peace

Those who seek will one day find
That violence can be left behind
The anger that was sure to last
Will somehow seem to form the past

Where images of hurt and pain
Are locked away and will remain
To never reappear in mind
Replaced by thoughts of a peaceful kind

© William Royce



A New Era

I sense the dawning of a new era, the spirit of a new beginning, and the power of a new friendship. The brightness of this moment will leave the shadow of the past, and peace the mirage that is our dream, will become an oasis of reality.

© William Royce



Eastern Light

In a far off place the sun beats down
But no one sees the light
For in this holy land
Day may as well be night

Religion casts its shadow
Instead of helping those in pain
And those who seek an answer
Find their efforts are in vain

There is one truth in everything
That everyone should feel
It is the sense of right or wrong
That no one else should steal

And if we will not see this light
Because of our distrust
Then commandments that were cast in stone
Will slowly turn to dust.

© William Royce



Trust for Peace

Mutual trust is the starting point for peace, the hand of friendship must offer more than determination, it must seal the mind from where all thoughts of war emerge.

© William Royce



Take care to heed your fellow man
And not take from him all you can
For in the end he will recover
All you took with greed and power

© William Royce


World Peace

Upon the wind there came a voice
And the sound of peace was heard
And as it passed by more and more
The louder came the word

The time was now at hand
When we would hear this call
An echo from each nation
Peace for one and all

Recognition of our failure
To learn lessons we’d been taught
Understanding now the message
Histories pain and grief had brought

And so there turned a tide
Where each person was at one
Had world peace we thought a distant dream
Really just begun?

© William Royce




Peace is in my body
Peace is in my soul
It moves through every muscle
Its virtue to extol

Peace is all around me
Peace is in the air
It is Peace that moves me forward It is
Peace I have to share

Peace will one day come to all
Peace will have its hour
It is a friend to everyone
It is the greatest power.

© William Royce


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One World

One world is all I dream of
One world where all are free
To shake the hand of everyone
Whatever faith they be

One world in which the powerful
Help the poor who cannot speak
One world in which the strong
Will feel a passion for the weak

One world the like we’ve never seen
Where no one is at war
One world that gives us back the thing
That we all came here for.

© William Royce




Life is to live and not to struggle
To be free and not restrained
To lose the ties that bind us
And live our lives unchained

For some a lifetime searching
Will still leave them where they are
But those with increased foresight
Will be better off by far!

© William Royce



Peace Reborn

The world cries out for peace

But we all stand aside,

As the earth beneath our feet

Becomes a crimson tide.

Where is the sense in violence

Who wants to live with pain?

Believe that we can change the world

And we will start again!


©  William Royce




One Mind


One day when all the world is free

We’ll sit and talk just you and me

About how one day all was changed

And war and peace were rearranged

How with this cataclysmic shift

All thoughts of war began to drift

Until they were forever gone

A world that now could think as one.


©  William Royce



Dove of Peace

 Into the future where destiny lies

The dove of peace forever flies.


©  William Royce




A New Day Dawns 

When a new day dawns that sees a billion people not only waking to the thought of peace but determined to act on it, then the constant tide of violence will be turned into a stream of compassion.

©  William Royce




The Heart of War


 The sun shines but the darkness falls

The heart beats but the reaper calls

The voices rage whilst the tears flow

As the battle starts where did the humanity go ?


The cries of pain no one can hide

As the dead are buried side by side

Men in suits in far off lands

Sign the papers and shake the hands


But in the rubble and settling dust

Does a piece of paper bring a lasting trust

Or should we reach to find the heart

From where an end to war will start?


©  William Royce