With an open mind we can not only see the world we live in but also feel the world outside


Our Soul Mate

 We may search a long time to find someone who we can be completely honest with, be able to express our true feelings without concern, to inspire and be inspired, to love and be loved, to be in our own world free from everything that surrounds us – but they are there. There is a bond that we can make, a dream no one can take, and no matter what we have to contend with the vision of our soul mate remains, even from afar their vibrations can be felt and their silent thoughts heard.

This is a gift that we can receive if we open our hearts and show our vulnerability, only then will our soul mate appear, someone who instinctively can feel our pain and redress it, feel our elation and share it. No matter how close we are to others our soul mate stands alone like an angel with wings ready to fly to give us strength, and the ability to maximize our true potential. In a world full of strangers our soul mate waits for our call, and their awakening will come as we open our heart to let them in.  Unbeknown to us as they feel our vibration they will be drawn towards us, until one day we meet and then two lives will never be the same again.


©  William Royce




A Great Friend 

It is only when we lose a great friend that we realize that life takes away more than it has given. We were blessed with what was, but not what might have been, we have had the pleasure and the experience, and we want it to go on. The cruel reality is that the more we have enjoyed someone’s company, the more we are going to miss it. This is then the legacy of a true friendship, the bond that could not be broken until it was broken by life itself. Those of us who remain in this world with all of its uncertainty, can be certain of one thing, and that is that our great friend is now in peace, the fight is over for him to remain with us, replaced by a wish to be remembered by us.

It is with the passing of someone close, that our thoughts turn to our own mortality, and how we may positively affect others close to us in our remaining years. We are unable to believe that our life here on earth has no purpose other than to just be here, as we reflect on how our friend’s life made a difference to so many, both family and acquaintances, and how in various ways his life will have changed theirs.

So we are left with the memory, but hopefully much more than that, for in living his life our friend enriched ours, and that is the greatest gift a friend can give. It is perhaps ironic that in a world of billions, one life can still be seen as being so special, and it is the mark of the man who can make his presence felt to such a degree within this multitude, we must therefore look not only at the loss, but the gain we have made in having known such a character.

© William Royce


Let my Spirit Flow

If one day I have to die
Then let my spirit flow
For here is where I want to be
Amongst the souls I know

And all who feel my presence
Will think how can this be
As I remember them
And they remember me.

© William Royce


Heaven Waits

Heaven waits where angels fly
And gaze upon their prey,
Waiting for the moment
When they spirit us away.

Earthly things are left behind
With nothing more to fear,
No need for anger or compassion
Just bright expressions here.

The souls who reach this promised land
Are from the dear departed,
Having left the world they knew
For a new one to be started.

From this serene and hallowed place
Where kindred spirits be,
They watch and wait however long
Loved ones again to see.


© William Royce



The other side of heaven
Is a place I’d like to see
What lies behind the best there is
Is it just infinity?

Here somehow in our small world
We search for truth in vain
As nothing can prepare us
For a life we’ll live again

The clouds may pass, the sun may shine
It’s just another day
But out there somewhere hiding
Is the one to whom we pray.

© William Royce




 Another Life

I lay the world before me

It stretches out for miles,

Close to where I stand are tears

But in the distance I see smiles


Just by a twist of fate

I have lived life on the line,

It could have been so different

If your life – had been mine.


©  William Royce




I am inspired by the Universe not because I can see it but because I can feel it. It is the only blank space I can look into and know it hears my call, it is the strength that moves me on in  times of weakness. There is infinitely more power in what we cannot see because our imagination has no boundaries, the seemingly impossible can become possible because there are no limits.

When we think we have reached the end of the road and have stretched our mind to exhaustion it is then we can take solace that we are not alone, that we have the greatest power we could possess still in reserve. We are mere mortals struggling through life, but if we reach out we can have the assistance of something immortal – the Universe.


© William Royce