The natural world is the biggest inspiration of all, for all.

The World and Me


The world owes me nothing except the chance to live
I owe the world nothing except the chance to survive

© William Royce


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Beneath our Feet

Are we living for the present
Lifting spirits high
Or are we thinking of the future
When the present has gone by?

Are we caring for the world
Or letting it take care of us
Are we scared to feel the negative
Or just reaching for the plus?

Are we leaving everything too late
Because we feel no pain
Do we think we’ve past the turning point
And all would be in vain?

Are we really only here
To take what we can get
Or did we miss the point
And simply just forget?

That we’ve been lent the ground
On which our feet do tread
And there are those who wish to live
Long after we are dead.

© William Royce


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It is a shame that we have the energy to search for life on another planet, but not the will to preserve it on our own.

© William Royce


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My Breath-Your Life

I am rooted to the ground
So cannot move to save my skin
I am swaying with breeze
Breathing out and breathing in

Changing colors just to please you
Inhaling air that you dispel
I hope you will look after me
So I can keep you well

I am branching out to touch you
I only hope you’ll see
That I am here to care for you
So please take care of me

And if by chance you need me
For a cause that’s true and good
Just remember to replace me
As there’s is more to trees than wood

© William Royce   


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I Am the World

I am the world
I am dying can you feel me?
My fever breaks the ground
It moves the earth and shakes the sea

I am the world
I am crying out in pain
My breath is like a whirlwind
My tears descend as acid rain

I am the world
I am exhausted from my fight
To conserve the gift of nature
That was only mine by right

I am the world
I am on a life support
Only you can help me now
Your sense my last resort

I am the world
My pulse is fading fast
Revive me whilst we still have time
Or my next breath will be our last

© William Royce


Depletion of Nature

There should be so many more tomorrows
When we’ve reached the end of today
And there could be very many less sorrows
If we really wanted it that way

Whilst we watch and wait for an answer
Taking care of our personal domain
Our future is left to chance
As the world has to take the strain

Nature has shown us its beauty
The land the sea and the sky
But now it demands an answer
To what we have done and why

Is it really for such a good reason
That we deplete our forests and seas
Are we deaf to the cries from the ocean
Can’t we see the wood from the trees?

© William Royce


Lost World

The world belongs to no one
Least of all to me
And yet I have the vision
Of the world I want to see

The paradise that once was earth
That we allowed to fail
Is so removed from our life now
It’s become our holy grail

One step forward or one step back
The decision we must take
If we are still to dream
There are more than dreams at stake

© William Royce





 A Changing World

One day the world will come together, the aching environment will begin to renew and those who depend on it will be refreshed in body and spirit. The freedom will be felt by every living thing as each helps the other in this global transformation.So much of what was once felt to be important will fade into insignificance as the real value of living is recognized. To not have to fight to keep healthy, to not be concerned about the future but to embrace it, to feel part of the world in which we live and not emotionally distanced.

However much we have lost can be regained, nature can pull back from the brink if we help it, mindsets can be changed if we are open minded. We live to dream not live to fear, we live to protect and not destroy, we live to learn and then to teach. If what we have learned is then ignored, if the planet is looked upon as an infinite resource that leaves an ever diminishing yield then only the worst can be expected. Ultimately though as long as one understands the danger, our natural instinct to survive kicks in and the power within will be energized.

The sleeping giant is being awakened as millions and then billions see their dream as a reality, the impossible becomes possible and the future of mankind changes from a negative to a positive vision. Our destiny lies in our hands, others may seek to change it but we are the masters of it, by focusing all our strength and determination we can directly influence the outcome, and the more who focus on the same goal the more likely will be the envisaged result.


©  William Royce



A New Beginning


One day when all is gone

And peace just fills the air

The sun will shine and rain will fall

But no one will be there


The dust will blow rise up and lay

As specks of distant past

The silence of a world

So many thought would last


All is quiet calm and serene

Waiting for the birth

Of a new creation and beginning

Here on planet earth


©  William Royce




Free as Air


We can take for granted that which is free

The air that we breathe but cannot see

We can live each day without a thought

Of the life this nothingness has brought

And yet what would we do if it was not there

This nothingness that we call air ?


©  William Royce