Things that are just there we take for granted until they are not there anymore


The Search for Freedom    

If I am free I own the world, if not, the world owns me. Freedom is having the physical and mental space to allow the body and mind to remove the pressure that so often contains us. The search for freedom involves understanding who we are, and where we want to be. Dreams are fantasies that may take us for a moment to the place we subconsciously want to go, but vision and determination can take us to the pinnacle of our desires and leave us there. A moment in a false paradise, or a lifetime in a real one, that is something that we have the power to determine.

Our view of freedom tends to be based on how much we think we have in comparison to others, but we should base it on our own needs, when we find out what we need we can begin the search, and plan the steps required to be at one with ourselves. We may have all the freedom in the world without moving far from our familiar surroundings, because this is all we desire, or we may travel the world and see so much that nothing is enough, it is all relative. What matters most is that we do not settle for less than we expected from our life, it is something we owe ourselves, and therefore something we must not wait for others to obtain for us.

Like stepping stones across a river, we know how many steps we have taken, and how many more we must take to reach our goal, each carefully planned step will take us to where we want to go. Freedom is rarely something we do not have today, and then have tomorrow, it comes with thought, vision, and determination, and an understanding of ourselves, it may be one thing for one person and something else for another, but either way it is our right, and it is right that we should look for it!

© William Royce



Life is never easy
It was never meant to be
The challenge is for freedom
The dream is to be free

Before the life we have been given
Is taken in the end
We must make sure it was worth it
And we spent the freedom we could spend

© William Royce


Light of the World

The light of the world may be dimmed by those who seek by their actions to prevent peace and harmony, but their goals can never be accomplished, as the true power lies within all those who see the light through faith and determination. No cloud will overshadow those who seek a better world, those with the vision to create and not destroy, those with the imagination to dream and turn that dream into reality. No matter how few start the journey they will become many, their logic will be contagious and their goal inspiring, and their reward will be the satisfaction of helping others toward the freedom that allows us to enjoy the bounty that is our world.

© William Royce



Into The Light

 Freedom comes to those who are experiencing the darkness but have the determination to create the light.

©  William Royce






Earning our Wings

As the eagle soars on its majestic wings
From serenity it views such wondrous things,
So far apart from the world below
So much to see, so much to know.

And what of us mere mortals on the ground
What do we see, what have we found?
A dream perhaps not yet come true
Awaiting the strength to see it through.

How easy to sit and watch life fly
To watch and wait as time goes by,
To mock the messenger who sings
Because we have not earned our wings.

Let us open up the mind
And be a part of all mankind,
Together we are all as one
Our flight to freedom has just begun.

© William Royce




  The Illusion of Freedom


The illusion of freedom becomes the creator of slavery,

as the uninformed become the ill equipped, and the

mirage of sanctity becomes the reality of oppression.


©  William Royce




The Legacy of Freedom

 Of all the things we should revere and leave behind when our time comes to depart this earth it is the gift of freedom. It is something intrinsic to life itself, as without it we cannot reach out to give ourselves the challenges which make life worth living. Those who dare to dream do so because there is always the possibility of making the seemingly impossible possible; much of our health is determined by a mindset of never giving in because there is so much more to live for.

Nature makes us fight so hard to enter this world for a reason, because once here each of us are capable of making a difference whether large or small, the point is through our individuality we will have added to the lives of those around us in one way or another. If by virtue of technology our minds become directed so as to think in unison the natural evolutionary process that has allowed geniuses to flourish and change the world for the better would be lost forever.

We may in fact be living in the last years of being able to think for ourselves and that is an incredibly scary thought. Artificial intelligence may well have its place when it is used to assist the human race but not if the idea is to replace it.  It would seem that this is now the time for everyone to consider what the freedoms such as they are today are worth, and what legacy they are leaving. This planet and those living on it to date have put up with a lot and survived, the seriousness of where we are now headed must cast a grave doubt on the futures of both.


©  William Royce




The Time has Come


The time has come for love to sweep the world

For everything we feel to come to light

For nothing more we value

To be lost without a fight


To remember why we came here

The reason we were born

To leave a lasting legacy

Not to leave this world forlorn


Just as others fought for freedoms

So we could live in peace

Now the burden falls on us

To ensure that tyranny will cease


The future of mankind

Rests on shoulders that are strong

On those who know the difference

Between what is right and what is wrong


© William Royce