Love has two directions pain and ecstasy, and both roads may be travelled at the same time.

Always and Forever

You are my eternal shining light, the brightness behind a cloudy day, the key to unlock a world of dreams where a vision of heaven can be captured here on earth. You are the pinnacle of my desire and the inspiration for my soul, for no other could replace you, and it is more certain than anything in this world that my love will last always and forever.


© William Royce



The wind howls and bellows, knocking autumn leaves to ground
Swirling, dancing like a midnight ball they create the only sound.
Through my window I am watching raindrops run like forlorn tears,
As far from this lonely room, I fear my love falls on deaf ears.

Running with the wind, crying with the rain
My pounding heart is racing, just to see you once again.
And as it fights and beats a path to knock upon your door,
Exchange my heart for your heart dear, or my heart is no more.


© William Royce


Dream of Love

Please don’t take this dream from me not until I die
For as I live I need this dream as this earth needs the sky,
I might live without the stars or even the sun above
But I could never live without – the dream that is my love.

© William Royce




Elements of Love

Love is everything
The earth the sea the sky,
It is the sun that shines on us
The clouds that pass us by

It is the very heart of us
The spirit and the soul,
It is the thing dividing us –
Or that which makes us whole


© William Royce




Eternal Love

If I could be with you every moment of every day of my life
It would still not be enough,
For the love that I have to give you
Would need a thousand lifetimes,
And the happiness we would share would be eternal.


© William Royce


Golden Wings

On golden wings my love appears
It flies forever on,
Following the path of dreams
Until those dreams are gone

It waits not for the wind to drop
The rain and tempest too,
It has no time to take a rest
Or take another view

For these wings share a special bird
Which takes a special prayer,
To every corner of the earth
To see if you are there.


© William Royce



Rest your head upon my heart
There rests a heart for two,
For this heart could withstand all else
If it had your heart too

The rhythm that it beats out
Every second every day,
Would be loud enough for all to hear
If once I heard you say-

‘I Love You’


© William Royce



Heaven Scent

Your lingering scent is all I have
But that fades day by day,
Just as a rose your petals drop
And slowly fade away

And so I wait to see you
Flower into life once more,
So that sweet bud that shares my heart
Again I can adore


© William Royce


Heavens Door

You look like a picture and smell like a rose
Your touch is like heaven, your words are like prose,
Your mind is all knowing but your heart holds the key,
Will it one day unlock heavens door just for me?


© William Royce


My Treasure

You are like a treasure that was found
And lost and found again,
That had no value – but a spirit that once touched
Could not be forgotten,
That if lost again would mean a lifelong search
And if not found
Would leave a meaningless existence.

Whatever path this treasure takes
It will always have one true collector,
No matter the value others see
For him the treasure is priceless,
– and that collector is me


© William Royce


Lifetime of Tears

Without you my life can never be complete
It will never have a meaning
It will have a beginning but no end
And it will be desolate
There will be sun in the sky
But I will only see the passing cloud
And when the rain falls
It will be for a lifetime of tears
For it will wash away the memory
But it will never wash away the pain


© William Royce


Gilded Sanctuary

Let us walk together through fields of gold
Where nature sets us free
To find out who we really are
In her gilded sanctuary

Amidst the floating restless crop
That sways with every breeze
There is the sound of silence
Captured only by the trees

And there I lay you down my love
To gaze into your eyes
Reflecting like the calmest pond
The ever changing skies

I hold your hand, caress your cheek
And stroke your tousled hair
And thank God for the moment
That defines the life we share

For here away from constant gaze
We truly can be free
To listen to the truth from you
And here it back from me

If words could tell a story
Half as much as just one look
Then what I see in your eyes
Could be covered in a book


© William Royce



Where would our lives go
Where would our lives be,
If from this moment on
There was no you, there was no me.

Where would all our dreams
Be buried, laid to rest,
Kept under lock and key
In our secret treasure chest.

Where would all the laughter
All the fun and love we know,
Be stored away so carefully
Where no one else could go.

How could the world exist
And keep on turning day by day,
If you and I weren’t here
To help it on its way.

Maybe these are questions
For which no answers could be clear,
And there’s no need to ask them
So long as you are near.


© William Royce




Images of Love

Images of love that play before my eyes
Are like the miracle of heaven, a wonder in disguise,
Devoid of touch but not of soul
They take my parts and make them whole

My passion stirs to catch a heart
That then will catch my mind,
And play before me scenes of love
That only I could find.


© William Royce




Directions of Love

Love has two directions, pain and ecstasy – and both roads may be travelled at the same time.


© William Royce




Essence of Love

 To be fond of someone is to care and hold them in your mind, to love someone is to yearn and hold them in your heart


© William Royce




One Day


One day when all is gone

And there is nothing left to say

We will remember everything

The dreams we threw away


Go and take the world with you

Don’t look back on the past

For there we leave the memories

That were destined not to last


Be the inspiration for another

With the knowledge of your dream

That we would be together one day

Hard as it might seem


Life should have a purpose

And its purpose should be true

We shared that common purpose

Only – Only I loved you.


© William Royce




My Star


As I gaze upon the stars

That twinkle with their light

There is only one I focus on

The star that shines so bright


The whole expanse of Universe

That I can see but cannot touch

Is like someone so far away

Who means so very much


And as I try to concentrate

To keep that star in view

Slowly it is fading

From the image that I knew


My world is now a little darker

The light is going fast

But the brightness that it gave to me

Will last and last and last

Bye Bye my star !


©  William Royce





 Words may last a lifetime but love endures forever


 © William Royce