The innocence of a child is magical, would we could all stay in that moment.

Eyes of a Child       


Look at the eyes of a child and you will see clarity, these are eyes as yet unblemished by the truth behind the facade, they view this world at face value expecting to receive kindness in return. These are eyes that could view many things with fear but not malice, for they are not yet conditioned. These are eyes that look to the future with hope and excitement, they do not consider the past, as it is short and unmemorable, everything they want is yet to come.

We on the other hand have had, and seen many things of which we want more, but our eyes are discolored, they are cynical and no longer view things at face value, looking instead to find the worst instead of the best in people. We may no longer possess the clarity, but what we have seen has developed our minds, what a wonderful world we could live in if we saw it through the eyes of our children.

© William Royce


Suffer the Children

I am a child of the world born in innocence but burdened with the legacy of those who feel no pain and share no guilt, those who have every chance of enjoying tomorrow, as their fate is not a foregone conclusion. Will those who demand so much for their lives spare a thought for we who demand so little. Real suffering may only be envisaged by those who have suffered but it is not necessary to suffer to feel vindicated, only to help the suffering.

© William Royce


Restless Child

Born with nothing, going nowhere
A child who lives in vain
Nothing to look forward to
A life that’s filled with pain

Listening for the voices
That may speak so far away
Hoping that they will be heard
So I can start another day

One that holds more promise
And brings a reason to exist
One that leaves the past behind
And allows the future to persist

© William Royce




Entering this World

 The world is out of focus

But there are images I see

And touches that I feel

That seem to comfort me


Lips that touch my face

And voices that I hear

It’s so strange to be so distant

And yet sense so much is near


I am helpless laying here

Just waiting to be held

So any thoughts that worry me

Are sure to be dispelled


I know not what the future brings

Or how I came to be

So all that I can ask

Is to love you as much as you love me


© William Royce